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  ==== Pricing Information ====
  ^ ^Treuchtlingen Single-Bed Bedroom^Treuchtlingen 1 bed in 2-bed bedroom^
  |Accommodation|56,00 EUR|69,00 EUR|
- |Event Location|25,99 EUR|25,99 EUR|
  |Lunch|14,99 EUR|14,99 EUR|
  |Dinner|14,99 EUR|14,99 EUR|
- |**Total**|**111,97 EUR**|**124,97 EUR**|
+ |**Total**|**85,98 EUR**|**98,98 EUR**|
  **Still missing: Pricing for the meeting room, this goes on
top of the above total. Expect something like 15 EUR per day, worst case.**
  Please note that the 2-bed bedroom is indeed more expensive per person than the single room, unlike in the previous years at Linuxhotel. This is due to the 2-bed bedrooms being newly renovated.
+ **For those of you signing up for accomodation, the following rules are part of the deal:**
+   - If you become sick, then please stay at home.  Let us know ASAP so we can cancel your reservation/reassign your room.
+   - If you've had recent contact with someone that has some contagious disease, and you are not 100% sure that you're immune - please, stay at home as well, and let us know ASAP so we can cancel your reservation/reassign your room.
+   - If you know that someone has a contagious disease, and you've signed up for our event, please do not seek physical contact with that person before the event.  If you have anything that needs to be discussed because you need it for the event, use e-mail, phone
calls, whatever, but don't visit each other, the reason being rule #2.
+   - Reservations cancelled less than 10 days before the event may mean we still have to charge you, if we cannot fill your spot with someone else. Of course, we will do our best to avoid this.
  ==== Entertainment Options ====
    * [[http://www.altmuehltherme.de/|Spa]]
    * [[http://miniaturland-pappenheim.de/|Model Railroad]]

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