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    * Con: Travel situation for international travelers might be less convenient
  ==== Prices comparison ====
  Prices are subject to change without notice. More reliable pricing information will become available soon.
- We're expecting prices to drop due to a rebate, details still need to be worked out.
+ We're still negotiating the prices; Accomodation costs have already dropped, we're working on the rest.
  ^ ^Treuchtlingen Single-Bed
Bedroom^Treuchtlingen 1 bed in shared bedroom^
- |Accommodation|96,75 EUR|82,25 EUR|
+ |Accommodation|56,00 EUR|69,00 EUR|
  |Event Location|25,99 EUR|25,99 EUR|
  |Lunch|14,99 EUR|14,99 EUR|
  |Dinner|14,99 EUR|14,99 EUR|
- |**Total**|**152,72 EUR**|**138,22 EUR**|
+ |**Total**|**111,97 EUR**|**124,97 EUR**|
  ==== Entertainment Options ====
    * [[http://www.altmuehltherme.de/|Spa]]
    * [[http://miniaturland-pappenheim.de/|Model Railroad]]

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