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  At this time libssh, the ssh library used by x2go is unable to work with an ECDSA key.
  However you may use an RSA key -if you need to- or go with the ssh default authenticating method using the remote user's password.
+ ==== On Ubuntu 12.10 & later, Unity sessions fail to start ====
+ Unfortunately, Unity on Ubuntu 12.10 will not work with X2Go in the foreseeable future.
+ This is because Ubuntu 12.10 and later no longer offer
Unity-2D; they only offer regular Unity. When selecting Unity in an x2go client, you are actually selecting Unity-2D. However, regular Unity requires 3D support. X2Go cannot support 3D because X2Go is currently based on the NX libraries, which do not support 3D.
+ One workaround is to remain on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which is supported until April 2017. Another workaround is to install one of the other desktop environments that is listed in your X2Go Client. You can do so without uninstalling Unity. Follow [[http://askubuntu.com/questions/65083/what-different-desktop-environments-and-shells-are-available|this link]] for instructions on installing other desktop environments.

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