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  We have a pool of ideas that are available for sponsor partnership. View the brainstorm pool [[wiki:development:new-feature-brainstorming|here]].
  ===== Current Feature Sponsoring =====
-   * [[http://netitwork.net/|NETitWork Security Solutions]]
-     * Documentation of the X2Go Session Broker installation plus setup
  ===== Companies sponsoring X2Go Development on a regular basis =====
  In alphabetical order...
@@ -44,8 +42,9 @@
      * General PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go development
[[http://netitwork.net/|NETitWork Security Solutions]]
      * Installable RPM packages for SUSE
      * Documentation of the MS Windows build environment of X2Go Client
+     * Documentation of the X2Go Session Broker installation plus setup
    * [[http://www.rohloff.de|Rohloff AG]]
      * X2Go Thin Client Environment (based on Debian squeeze)
      * DirectRDP feature in X2Go Client

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