[X2Go-User] unable to start Qt/KDE apps under x2go

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Sat Jan 27 04:10:09 CET 2018

On 2018-01-26 22:28, Bernd Schubert wrote:

>> What's interesting, if I connect to the same server from Ubuntu 17.04
>> with Unity - then Qt/KDE apps work just fine.
> Interesting, how does x2go client interact with x2go server, especially
> with QT5?
> Btw, I'm running xfce on server and client

What's also interesting - if I create a session from Ubuntu 17.04 
running Unity - Qt/KDE apps work fine, as explained earlier.
Then, if I suspend the session and resume it from Ubuntu 17.10 running 
KDE - Qt/KDE apps continue to work fine, and I'm able to launch new 
Qt/KDE apps.

Only when I start a new session from Ubuntu 17.10 running KDE - it's not 
possible to start Qt/KDE apps (they do start, but window content is 
never printed).

Tomasz Chmielewski

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