[X2Go-User] can't connect to session

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Wed Jan 24 07:36:24 CET 2018

* On 01/22/2018 10:28 PM, Andrew Munn wrote:
> Thanks!
> I've added the following line to /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tmp.conf
> x /tmp/.x2go-*
> Hopefully that fixes it.

Then again, according to
and the general file system hierarchy, /usr/lib is not a good place to make changes.

Thankfully you should be able to move this into /etc/tmpfiles.d/x2go.conf and
have that setting persist between system updates.

> Do you think there should be some automated 
> process to append that line during installation on a CentOS/RHEL system?

Yes, I should add this file to the general packaging! It's impressive how many
workarounds are necessary for systemd in order for it not to break everything...


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