[X2Go-User] What are athe difference between connexions

Alain Aupeix alain.aupeix at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 19 22:07:39 CET 2018


 >When I open a session from my desktop (1280x1024) on a notepad which 
 >has a screen of 1440x900) with x11vnc, I apply a correction of the 
 >screen size (about 0.88 for this computer) to have a complete display 
 >of the server screen.
 >Is there a way to do such thing with x2go ?
 >I have found the .x2goclient/sizes.

 >size=@Size(1175 747)
 >pos=@Point(94 113)

 >Can I change it in this file or is it better to change it in 
 >.x2goclient/sessions ?

My tests with sizes ou sessions fail.

I have found another way with wmctrl

for the size:
wmctrl -e 0,10,70,1268,792 -r alain at aupeix-GX723

for the title
wmctrl -r alain at aupeix-GX723 -N "x2go: alain at aupeix-GX723"
Alain Aupeix
U.buntu 12.04 & Xu.buntu 16.04 | G.ramps 3.4.9-1 | H.arbour 3.2.0dev 
(2018-01-05 14:38) | Hw.Gui (2639)

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