[X2Go-User] X2Go login very slow

martti pitkanen martti.pitkanen at aplcomp.fi
Fri Jan 19 14:57:43 CET 2018


I am using X2Go server on Ubuntu Mate, kernel 4.4.0-109
by client
X2Go login has become a couple of weeks ago very slow,
"Status: connecting"  takes 2-5 min to complete.
I can connect to the same server from cmd line fast.
Can anybody tell me how I can trace  what is going on in the server 
during login pahse?
I log in by using uid/pw, authentication against LDAP by using pam.

--- Martti Pitkänen APLcomp Oy Mariankatu 17 00170 Helsinki Finland Tel 
+358 9 1357266 Mob +358 40 0602157 www.aplcomp.com Mail: P.O.BOX 126 
00171 Helsinki Finland
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