[X2Go-User] Ubuntu Nightly Builds Server Problem

Robert Dinse nanook at eskimo.com
Sun Jan 14 03:51:23 CET 2018

      Actually I totally purged everything and re-installed, no help.

This is what the file looks like:

[limit users]

[limit groups]

# SSHFS umask for client-side folder sharing. Leave uncommented to keep the 
server's default umask

# enable the SupeReNicer code in x2gocleansessions, this will renice suspended 
sessions to nice level 19
# and renice them to level 0 if the session becomes marked as running again...

# list of users that shall never be reniced

# force renicing of the complete user, don't set it to 'yes' unless you know 
what you are doing

# the normal nice level (for running sessions)

# the idle nice level (for suspended sessions)

# telekinesis provides a bidirectional communication framework between X2Go 
# and X2Go Server

# Value can be either "host-based" or "pure-random".
# This is currently a workaround for a bug in X2Go Client, that uses a 1:1
# mapping of source to destination ports for SSH tunnels.
# This leads to problems if opening two (or more) instances of X2Go Client
# and connecting to two machines that use the same tunneling ports.
# Such a scenario is easy to trigger: make sure that both machines have run
# no active sessions, than spawn one session on each machine.
# Connecting to both at the same time will not be possible without a means
# of randomization.
# The randomization can either be "host-based", in which case the port will
# be set to 30000 + (128 * last octet of IPv4 address) and does the job if
# the last octet of the machine's IPv4 address is known to be unique, or
# "pure-random" which uses the (not so truly random) bash ${RANDOM}
# variable to fully randomize the port, i.e., 30000 + random(0..32767).

# possible levels are: emerg, alert, crit, err, warning, notice, info, debug

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On Sun, 14 Jan 2018, Mihai Moldovan wrote:

> Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2018 03:47:34 +0100
> From: Mihai Moldovan <ionic at ionic.de>
> To: Robert Dinse <nanook at eskimo.com>,
>     "x2go-user at lists.x2go.org" <x2go-user at lists.x2go.org>
> Subject: Re: [X2Go-User] Ubuntu Nightly Builds Server Problem
> * On 01/14/2018 03:28 AM, Robert Dinse wrote:
>>       After installing updates today Ubuntu 17.10 server with x2gonightly
>> builds now will not allow me to connect.  When I try I get a pop-up that says:
>>       Connection failed. /usr/lib/x2go/x2gogetrandomport: line 106:
>>       get_random_port: command not found Unable to get
>>       (pseudo-) randomized starting port value.
>>       The stable build still works except the xrandr version issue which was
>> why I have been using the Nightly Builds on Ubuntu.
> Did you merge /etc/x2go/x2goserver.conf correctly after the update?
> What does the file look like right now?
> Mihai

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