[X2Go-User] Switching workspaces

Blake McBride blake1024 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 03:38:40 CET 2018


New x2go user.  Wow!  And thanks!

Both my server and client are running x2go and both are 64 bit
LinuxMint/MATE.  I have two monitors on the client.

Mostly, everything works great except I have two problems:

1.  When I chose full screen with Xinerama extension it comes up exactly
the way I want on both screens.  The problem is, I want to be able to
switch workspaces on the client host  but every time I do it changes
workspaces on the client client instead.  I tried remapping the Ctl-Alt
left and right on the client client, but that didn't matter.  How can I
switch workspaces on the client host?

2.  If I select "Use whole display" (1 or 2), I only get the upper left 25%
instead of the entire screen 1 or 2.  (This used to work in but I
had other problems with that).

I really appreciate any help you can offer.


Blake McBride
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