[X2Go-User] x2go server & client on Ubuntu 12.04 beta fails

brian mullan bmullan.mail at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 09:27:20 CEST 2012

I have not been able to get x2go server/client to work on Ubuntu 12.04
client/server machines.

I installed the x2go ppa for ubuntu

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable

I installed on the server the x2goserver:

    sudo apt-get install x2goserver

on the client I installed the x2goclient:

    sudo apt-get install x2goclient

On ubuntu 12.04 I have installed the 'fallback' gnome desktop support but
in previous versions both Unity or gnome worked.

Now when attempting to start an x2go client session (see below):

ssh connection gets established
public/private keypair are generated
search for proxy starts
session aborts/terminates

Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be or how I can troubleshoot



bmullan at myPC:~$ x2goclient
ONMainWindow constructor

Can't load translator (:/x2goclient_en_us) !

Can't load translator  :/qt_en_US
ONMainWindows constructor finished, home Directory is: "/home/bmullan"

read  2  sessions from config file
start new ssh connection to server: "
ec2-107-20-19-100.compute-1.amazonaws.com" : "22" krb:  false

ssh connection ok

continue normal x2go session

"x2gostartagent 800x600 wan 16m-jpeg-9 unix-kde-depth_24 us pc105/us 1 D

Agent output: "54
starting nxproxy with:  "nxproxy -S

NXPROXY - Version 3.5.0

Copyright (C) 2001, 2010 NoMachine.
See http://www.nomachine.com/ for more information.

Info: Proxy running in client mode with pid '18508'.
Session: Starting session at 'Thu Mar 29 03:17:35 2012'.
Info: Connecting to remote host 'localhost:31001'.
Info: Connection to remote proxy 'localhost:31001' established.

search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
"Info: Connection with remote proxy completed.
Warning: Unrecognized session type 'unix-kde-depth_24'. Assuming agent

"Info: Using WAN link parameters 768/24/1/0.
Info: Using cache parameters 4/4096KB/8192KB/8192KB.
Info: Using pack method '16m-jpeg-9' with session 'unix-kde-depth_24'.
Info: Using ZLIB data compression 1/1/32.
Info: Using ZLIB stream compression 1/1.
Info: No suitable cache file found.
Info: Forwarding X11 connections to display ':0'.

"Session: Session started at 'Thu Mar 29 03:17:36 2012'.

search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
"Info: Established X server connection.

Generating public/private rsa key pair.
Your identification has been saved in
Your public key has been saved in
The key fingerprint is:
cc:23:10:15:e3:bd:3e:86:ee:7f:02:be:6f:d2:ef:a4 bmullan at DadsPC
The key's randomart image is:
+--[ RSA 1024]----+
|    ..+.         |
|     o o         |
|    . . .        |
|     . o .       |
|      . S        |
|      .+ .       |
|     ..o+ .      |
|     .o.++.      |
|     .+*E=o      |
key created on:  "/home/bmullan/.x2go/ssh/gen/key.T18497"
starting fs tunnel for: "bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
fs port:  "30003"
search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
exported key  "/home/bmullan/.x2go/ssh/gen/key.T18497"
key removed
search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
"Info: Using shared memory parameters 1/2048K.

search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
search proxy win:  "X2GO-bmullan-54-1333005451_stDGNOME_dp24"
proxy win found: 73400416

": Terminating session at 'Thu Mar 29 03:17:39 2012'.
Session: Session terminated at 'Thu Mar 29 03:17:39 2012'.

deleting proxy

nxproxy not running

proxy deleted

check command message

close event
bmullan at myPC:~$
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