[X2Go-User] thinclient image and automounting usb-devices

christoffer krakou christoffer at fleten.net
Wed Mar 7 13:15:28 CET 2012

Hello Stefan

The main hurdle in that kind of setup would be connecting to the 
wireless network before you mount the nfs share. I don't know if thats 
even possible

What i have done instead, is to create a minimal system based on debian, 
pared it down to a minimal windowmanager, the Network Applet from gnome, 
and the x2go thin client. I think it was about 200 megabytes in size, 
and locally installed. I didn't do a lot of optimizing, though, and it 
could probably become way smaller. And since it was a squash-filesystem 
(basically a dd'ed live CD), it wouldnt save any settings from the 
previous boots

On 03/07/2012 11:29 AM, Stefan wrote:
> Hi all,
> we plan to set up an x2go-server in a school, where people should have access
> to with laptops throught wlan.
> The laptops will have dual-boot systems an one of them should be a minimal
> setup with x2goclient (thinclient-image) and wlan access. It would be nice
> doing usb-automounting in the image - like the ltsp-thinclient environment
> does.
> They should behave thin-client like - only that they can't boot through pxe
> because of wlan. (For the desktops we still use ltsp - because of features
> like local apps and automounging ...) So users should not have to open a
> desktop-environment, starting x2goclient and mount local devices manualy.
> Are there any common approaches?
> Is automounting working in the tce of x2go?
> Thanks for your ideas.
> stefan
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