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        at  f13f6a6   (tag)
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  replaces  redist-client/
 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Thu Nov 13 21:41:01 2014 +0100

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Mike Gabriel (33):
      Continue development...
      Provide COPYING file in tarball. Update debian/copyright.
      Add 025_nxcomp-fix-ftbfs-against-jpeg9a.full+lite.patch. Fix FTBFS when built against libjpeg9a. Thanks to Gabriel Marcano for sending this in.
      debian/libnx-x11.postinst: Don't use dpkg-architecture (bin:package dpkg-dev) in postinst script. Instead prep a libnx-x11.postinst script at build time. (Fixes: #621).
      fix symlink creation
      nx-libs.spec: Adapt installation of debian/VERSION as VERSION.x2goagent and nxcomp/VERSION to latest changes introduced by 400_nxcomp-version.full+lite.patch.
      debian/rules: No such option for dh_auto_build: --with quilt."
      debian/rules: fix nxcomp/VERSION symlink creation at build-time
      Update 027_nxcomp_abstract-X11-socket.full+lite: Add patch header (Description: and Author: field).
      Additionally adapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
      nx-libs.spec: follow-up commit for last commit
      nx-libs.spec: follow up for last commits
      nx-libs.spec: follow up for last commits
      nx-libs.spec: SUSE hack for linking to files in libX11-6 and libXext6.
      nx-libs.spec: Fix for last commit.
      fix last changelog entry
      Make sure all package directories are owned by one of the built bin:packages.
      Fix Xinerama symlink installation into RPM bin:package libNX_Xinerama. (Fixes: #269).
      nx-libs.spec: fix for last commit
      nx-libs.spec: fix nx-libs builds in mock
      nx-libs.spec: Do not conflict with nx... This will break our own neck.
      nx-libs.spec: Fix Xinerama deps for SUSE builds.
      nx-libs.spec: minor dep fix
      nx-libs.spec: typo fix
      nx-libs.spec: Fix SUSE-specific R for libXext(6).
      nx-libs.spec: Fix more rpmlint warnings.
      Add 607_nxcomp_macosx-X11-launcher-in-private-tmp.full+lite.patch. Fix check for launchd socket path in $DISPLAY on recent Mac OS X systems.
      Rename 605_nxcomp_Types.h-dont-use-STL-internals-on-libc++.full.patch to 605_nxcomp_Types.h-dont-use-STL-internals-on-libc++.full+lite.patch. It is an nxcomp patch that needs to be applied in the nx-libs-lite _and_ the nx-libs-full tarball release.
      Add 401_nxcomp_big-requests.full+lite.patch. Support usage of the BIG-REQUESTS X11 extension on the server-side. (See Debian bug #766299).
      401_nxcomp_bigrequests.full+lite.patch: PATCH DISABLED FOR NOW, IT CAUSES NXPROXY CRASHES EVERY 1-2 minutes.
      Revert "401_nxcomp_bigrequests.full+lite.patch: PATCH DISABLED FOR NOW, IT CAUSES NXPROXY CRASHES EVERY 1-2 minutes."
      Revert "Add 401_nxcomp_big-requests.full+lite.patch. Support usage of the BIG-REQUESTS X11 extension on the server-side. (See Debian bug #766299)."

Nito Martinez (1):
      Add 400_nxcomp-version.full+lite.patch. Allow 4-digit version comparison during NX session handshake. (Fixes: #610).

Ulrich Sibiller (1):
      Add 207_nxagent_fix-xfixes-selection.full.patch. Fix selection handling when XFIXES is enabled. (Fixes: #585)


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