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Mike Gabriel (72):
      Make CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS configurable through build system.
      /debian/control: Add bin:package x2gobroker-agent.
      really build x2gobroker-agent setuidwrapper
      Make host session option a list, not string.
      whitespace fix
      Add load balancing support.
      some minor fixes found during first load balancing tests
      Add foundation for logging support.
      Add man page for x2gobroker executable.
      remove debug stdout code
      create log folder with setgid bit set
      Add logrotate configuration for x2gobroker log files.
      divert logging to stdout if called by other user than user x2gobroker
      add some first logging output
      Make the daemon user ID configurable through x2gobroker-daemon.default.
      typo fix
      Handle different situation for X2GOBROKER_DAEMON_USER. Make sure the getpass.getuser() function sees the correct effective UID.
      Make sure the unprivileged daemon user (x2gobroker) has access to the PID file directory.
      /debian/x2gobroker-daemon.init: Handle stale PID file and already running daemon.
      properly tabified init script
      remove debug output code
      remove enforcement to DEBUG loglevel, was test code
      be more strict with UID providing variables in init script
      typo fix
      typo fix
      only override X2GOBROKER_DEBUG if cmdline arg --debug is set
      fix function name, fix variable name
      do not manipulate X2GOBROKER_CONFIG_DEFAULTS, this has an effect on all other test units
      Set log level to CRITICAL if running unit tests.
      add some debug messages
      add some debug messages
      fix test_broker_base: two options (user, host) have been added to the DEFAULT_SESSIONPROFILE recently
      only run agent code if there are 2 or more servers configured in the session profile
      add debug log messages, remember config file name as class property
      Perform PAM authentication via an authentication service (the broker runs as non-privileged user, the authentication service as root).
      separate x2gobroker-daemon and x2gobroker-authservice into two separate packages
      follow-up for last commit: complete the service separation of x2gobroker-daemon and x2gobroker-authservice
      postinst/postrm scripts:The user x2gobroker is required by x2gobroker-agent and x2gobroker-daemon. So now both bin:packages provide that user account.
      more work on the session broker (this commit might break functionality)
      code cleanup using pyflakes
      fix .deb package build
      typo fix in init script
      fixes after testing broker agent calls
      simplyfy findbusyservers mode in broker agent
      fine-tuning of the select_session handshake
      fix faulty list handling in agent.py
      list with empty string is an empty list...
      use stderr rather than stdout for display log messages
      typo fix
      drop empty line, make the encoding be recognized again
      Add tool: x2gobroker-keygen. Generate pub/priv SSH keypair for the system user x2gobroker.
      install x2gobroker-keygen into bin:package x2gobroker
      fix x2gobroker-keygen after testing an installed instance
      x2gobroker sysuser needs a real home and bash as shell for the agent to work properly
      fix file extension of pubkey
      more fixes around x2gobroker-keygen
      log msg indentation
      create public keyfiles with ssh-dss at the line beginning
      log msg change
      To make SSH pubkey deployment easier, serve the broker's public SSH key(s) under this URL http(s)://<broker_hostname>:<port>/pubkeys/.
      improve the PubKey Authorizer, make it more robust and avoid ever-growing authorized_keys files
      add x2gobroker-pubkeyauthorizer to bin:package x2gobroker-agent
      fix x2gobroker-agent.install
      -bin:package x2gobroker-agent now also depends on python-x2gobroker, due to x2gobroker-pubkeyauthorizer script
      create {broker_home}/.ssh before importing authorized_keys
      use some variables for broker user properties
      fix typo
      fine-tune agent query mode SSH
      add man pages for all executables found in /usr/sbin
      rewrite changelog
      add python as dependency to bin:package x2gobroker-agent


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