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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Heinrich Schuchardt (1):
      Handle SSH host key changes more elegantly and allow user interaction if such a host key change occurs. (Fixes: #241).

Mike DePaulo (2):
      win32: Add uninstall information to Add/Remove Programs. (Fixes: #230).
      Change NSIS version string from to

Mike Gabriel (57):
      Continue development...
      fix spelling error
      Provide Keywords: key in .desktop file.
      Pull-in packaging changes from Debian.
      try to build without apache2
      reformat log entry
      Add NSIS packaging files for win32 builds to source tree. (Files provided by Oleksandr Shneyder, thanks!!!).
      Store broker HTTPS certificate exceptions in $HOME/.x2go/ssl/exceptions (before: $HOME/ssl/exceptions). (Fixes: #328).
      Perform sanity checks on data that comes in from X2Go Servers. Prohibit the execution of arbitrary code via the ~/.bashrc file. (Fixes: #333).
      always have X2GODATAEND in commands' stdout, even if the executed X2Go command fails
      Add option --broker-cacertfile. Allow usage of non-system-wide installed (self-signed) SSL certificate chains for https (SSL) session broker connections. (Fixes: #311).
      fix changelog syntax
      New option --tray-icon. Force showing the tray icon, even for hidden sessions. Also allow creation of .desktop files with --tray-icon optionally being enabled. (Fixes: #316).
      Update man page for new --tray-icon cmdline option.
      Properly handle (=expand) the "~" character in key filenames. (Brought to attention by Eldamir on IRC. Thanks!).
      Expand tilde operator for all other file paths handed over to X2Go Client via sessions file or cmdline parameter.
      improve/fix last commit
      remove unwanted patch file
      move expandHome into separate file: x2goutils.cpp
      forgot new files...
      Update man page for --broker-url. Explain the syntax of <URL>.
      update language files
      Syntax fix of x2goclient.desktop file.
      use expandHome(...) for more cmd line options
      debian/source/format: Switch to format 1.0.
      change versioning scheme
      Ship x2goclient.spec (RPM package definitions) in upstream project.
      fix for commit 2cbf163
      adapt version scheme in .spec file
      add some credits for the Fedora maintainers for their x2goclient.spec file
      Test for various file locations of the pulseaudio cookie file.
      Make package build on Fedora/EPEL versions that do not have the qtbrowserplugin package.
      Allow patching of qmake-qt4 executable path in Makefile. x2goclient.spec: Replace qmake-qt4 path in Makefile.
      fix sed expr in x2goclient.spec
      x2goclient.spec: try to fix faulty path to qmake-qt4
      typo fix
      simplify conditional qtbrowserplugin build dependency
      make sure our RPM package version is lower than a package version from EPEL
      x2goclient.spec: (hopefully) fix distro version checks
      Clear (Fedora package) changelog.
      package for Fedora 18 has to be built against shipped qtbrowserplugin, epel6 has /usr/bin/qmake-qt4
      x2goclient.spec: more fixes for EPEL-5
      Make qmake-qt4 and lrelease path in Makefile easily replacable (as RHEL-5 does not have those tools in $PATH). + For EPEL-5 builds: replace full path to qmake-qt4 and lrelease. For EPEL-5 builds: replace full path to qmake-qt4 and lrelease.
      Make sure that build_client and build_plugin are not build with parallel make.
      fix lrelease/qmake binary replacement with EPEL-5 builds
      x2goclient.spec: rather build EPEL-6 package against qt4-devel
      Make x2goplugin-provider installable via Makefile.
      Split up package into bin:packages: x2goclient, x2goplugin, x2goplugin-provider.
      x2goclient.spec: fix dependency token
      x2goclient.spec: add forgotten %description tags
      x2goclient.spec: fix creation of /etc/httpd/conf.d
      fix x2goplugin-provider installation
      Rename win32 desktop and startmenu icon from "X2goClient" to "X2Go Client".
      Make sure lrelease-qt4 is executed (not just lrelease).
      x2goclient.spec: add missing Group: fields to subpackages
      Revert "changed keyboard settings. Supported modes: auto, none and config with model/layout(variant)"

Oleksandr Shneyder (11):
      - support for keys "shadowuser" "shadowdisplay" and "shadowmode" in
      Support for GSSApi(Kerberos 5) authentication. Using ssh/scp commands on Linux and Mac and plink/pscp on Windows.
      Support for ChallengeResponseAuthentication (Google Authenticator)
      Setting main window focus on mac (Fixes: #139).
      - Setting main window focus on mac (Fixes: #139).
      Additional check if authentication with GSSApi successfull
      c121b7e2d3d83abdc2d7a29637bc3294e38b2ec3 broke checking if remote command produce only stderr and not stdout. It made x2goclient crash if x2gostartagent send LIMIT error. Current commit fixes this issue.
      SshMasterConnection should use current user name if no user name is specified in session settings
      GSSApi(Kerberos 5) authentication for sshproxy and sshbroker
      fixed GSSApi(Kerberos 5) authentication for sshproxy and sshbroker on windows
      changed keyboard settings. Supported modes: auto, none and config with model/layout(variant)

Ricardo Diaz (1):
      Update Spanish translation.

Ricardo Díaz Martín (1):
      Strip whitespaces off of user name, host name and other strings when loading / saving session profiles.(Fixes: #315).

U-DEPAULO\mike (1):
      Update NSIS VERSION to


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