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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Dick Kniep (1):
      Typo in utils.py (true instead of True).

Mike Gabriel (268):
      License Change!!! GPLv3 -> AGPLv3
      doc update
      License change upstream: GPLv3+ -> AGPLv3+
      tab fix
      Call a hook method in case a session startup has failed (was: exception raisal).
      Handle full path cmd strings adequately: check existence of full path, but use basename for cmd startup.
      manually merged in changelog entries from release/0.1.1.x branch
      remove interpreter from defaults.py
      Renamed/restructured NX compression pack method names.
      fix for link quality patch
      catching a socket.error exception during command execution
      Fix for X2goSessionRegistry.forget method, do not complain if session_uuid is already forgotten.
      changelog update
      fix for Makefile.docupload
      If sound is set to false in session profile use snd_system='none' in terminal session.
      Stabilize sshfs related problems in case remote user is not in fuse group.
      add some logging to failing sshfs sessions
      Do not ignore usekbd session profile option anymore, closes upstream issue #81.
      launch the x2goagent+command earlier during session creation...
      typo fix (with impact)
      cosmetic fix for share_desktop method
      Fix for X2goSession.has_terminated method.
      log message fix in x2gosession.py
      Fix for executing commands with arguments that contain a slash (thanks to Dick Kniep for digging this out).
      Make X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.has_command resistable against empty command strings.
      Catching fautly x2gostartagent behaviour.
      * New upstream version (, bugfix release for 0.1.1.x series:
      Fix handling of lists in session profiles (i.e. ini files). Fixes breakage with x2goclient's rootless vs. desktop mode after pyhoca-gui has been used.
      release version
      Add support for x2goumount-session calls.
      remove debug code
      Differentiate between spool folders and data folders when unsharing all folders, return exitcode from X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.unshare_* methods.
      Use TCP_NODELAY option for audio rev forwarding tunnels.
      changelog fixes
      comment fix
      changelog fix
      Use TCP_NODELAY socket option for graphics forwarding tunnels.
      changelog cleanup
      Typo fixes in session.py, related to calling _X2goSession__disconnect method.
      Compatibility fix for X2go folder sharing (session profile attribute: export).
      fix for new/compat export field interpretation
      minor method name extension in X2goClient class, indent fix
      Provide test method to query server if folder sharing is available. Test for existence of remote home directory on connect.
      log message fix
      be more precise, when allowing local folder sharing
      remove code duplications
      fix for boolean condition, related to folder sharing
      re-add version header to changelog
      Bugfix for: Test for existence of remote home directory on connect.
      Unshare local folders during session cleanup.
      remove code duplications
      Remove local session cache folders after sessions have terminated.
      provide better __repr__ output for debugging session infos
      Improve local session cache dir removal.
      Fix missing import of socket module in backends/control/_stdout.py.
      Catch failures on sftp_write in control session instance.
      Always disconnect from X2goSession instance.
      fix SSH proxy authentication
      Use random passwords for checking SSH host keys.
      fix hostname parameter in checkhosts.py
      change random pwd mechanism in checkhosts.py
      Fix duplication of SSH keys in known_hosts file, use hashed hostnames in known_hosts file. Make sure SSH keys written to known_hosts file are  available to other SSHClient instances immediately.
      continue development (0.1.1.x branch)
      Ignore session registry exceptions for profiles that just got disconnected.
      Fix exception raisal in X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.
      Print access to an X2Go server is not controlled by x2goprint group membership, but by fuse membership.
      Add XFCE4 support.
      use public control session method to detect availability of local folder sharing
      Add ,,autostart'' parameter to default session profile parameters.
      Add support for session window title renaming from client-side.
      Introduce additional session profile parameter: setsessiontitle.
      Fix for list processing in  INI files.
      Make terminal backend ,,applications'' aware.
      Allow session parameter change for already registered sessions.
      remove debug code
      use control session method to access hostname of remote server
      use control session method to access port of remote server
      Add support for session window title renaming.
      Add support for bringing session windows on top.
      Depend on python-xlib.
      new Xlib code shall only be used on non-Windows platforms
      fix for last commit
      add __doc__ strings to new session_window functions in utils.py, make sure the Xlib.display is only initialized once on every call.
      Terminal session now remember the X window of a terminal session in as an internal property.
      handle missing X display on package build
      fix simultaneous X_DISPLAY.sync() calls on session resuming
      control file, copyright file update
      whitespace fix in changelog
      Fix many undefined symbols reported by Debian developer Jakub Wilk. (THANKS!). Changelog cleanup+fix after release of version
      The Python setuptools modules does not have to be installed as dependency with python-x2go.
      typo fix
      Add default value for new session profile parameter xinerama (ignored by Python X2Go for now).
      Replace any non-code string ,,X2go'' by ,,X2Go''.
      more X2go -> X2Go replacements
      more X2go -> X2Go
      Add support for session port re-allocation on session resume (feature of x2goserver >=
      Provide client-side cache of shared local folders, detect server-side unsharing of client-side folders.
      Introduce concept of master sessions per profile to X2goClient class. Only the master session can mount/unmount client-side shared folders.
      remove debug code
      fix __doc__ strings
      Fix IndexError if x2gomountdirs did not deliver any of the expected results to stdout.
      Handle session titles that just contain blanks (e.g. " ") gracefully.
      Fix X2Go desktop sharing support.
      New feature, allow/fix sessions on localhost system.
      fix for commit b3bf6d63c5914984585e64d68630e0ac9bced9ec
      Tolerate names containing "-" characters.
      Provide hook methods for SSHFS failures (local folder sharing, printing, MIME box).
      fix undefined names in terminal backend
      Code cleanup: remove all unnecessary imports. Stop defining variables that get never used.
      fine-tune new hook methods
      Rename control session method is_folder_sharing_available to is_sshfs_available.
      Make x2go module importable on Win32 platforms again.
      Fix faking of WindowsError exception object in printactions.py and mimeboxactions.py.
      Draw all Xlib code into utils.py
      Run print actions in background (gevent.spawn).
      Run MIME box actions in background (gevent.spawn).
      complete background printing feature
      fix faking of WindowsError
      __doc__ string fixes
      fix setting of session window title on Unix platforms (after changing stuff on Windows)
      Amend list of default session options.
      Update list of unsupported session options.
      Retrieve feature list from X2Go server per session.
      silence which command
      fix x2gofeaturelist query
      Add published applications support.
      Fix base64 encoded icon string.
      Fix master session recognition.
      silence log output
      Handle empty control session in the session list cache.
      fix for last commit
      bundle commit, stabilize code
      remove debug code
      Render and cache dictionary based published applications menu tree in Python X2Go. Cache the tree once rendered.
      Fix availablity check of client-side folder sharing.
      Add support for published applications with no category submenus. Fix default language in published applications menu tree.
      Fix X2Go printing, do not spawn a gevent process for printing.
      Make published_applications_no_submenus an <int> session option that controls how many menu items will be shown without rendering category based submenus.
      Support auto-resuming and auto-starting of session with Python X2Go.
      typo fix in log output
      changelog cleanup
      Include development location of nxproxy in possible file locations.
      Add X2goClient method is_profile_connected.
      Fix auto_start_or_resume method when using SSH proxy with interactive authentication. Provide default value for PUBAPP_MAX_NO_SUBMENUS in defaults.py.
      For the Windows version, make shipped VcXsrv-Server known to Python X2Go. The shipped VcXsrv has to rest in $CLIENTAPPDIR/VcXsrv/vcxsrv.exe.
      typo fix
      For the Windows version, make VcXsrv-Server at the development location known to Python X2Go.
      add newline at EOF
      add missing VcXsrv_development to known_xservers
      slight change in logging X-Server activities
      handle thread cleanup and Xserver process on Windows
      Normalize paths to configuration files.
      fix call of os.path.normpath
      more path normalizing
      Make new ini config defaults available in configurations, update list of known X-Servers if new ones are provided in defaults.py
      Provide function merge_sorted_lists in utils.py.
      Provide function merge_ordered_lists in utils.py, merge list of default known_xservers with configured known_xservers.
      Make sure xconfig configuration changes provided by defaults.py get written to the config file.
      Docstring fix, add X2goClient method is_session_profile(), return registered session for a specific session name if it has already been registered instead of registering a new session.
      Provide X2goClient method get_session_info(), do not auto start/resume sessions in published applications mode, provide hook method for auto-connecting interactively.
      stabilizing code
      setup.py: fix typos, license info
      fix lintian issues (debian-changelog-line-too-long and out-of-date-standards-version)
      Provide X2goSession method get_session_profile_option().
      Fix unexpected keyword error during connect() in X2goSession instance.
      whitespace/tab fix
      Fix metatype detection of session profiles.
      happy new year
      fix license / copyright passages
      Implement X2Go-Top category in .desktop files that get used in the context of published applications.
      lintian issue fixed: extra-license-file
      If the SSH proxy connection tries to bind to a used port, detect an unused local port and write this port change to the session profile.
      Use double-quotes for pulseaudio options.
      Export X2GO_SESSION and PULSE_CLIENTCONFIG to published applications.
      When starting pulseaudio on Windows use --exit-idle-time=0.
      fix for last commit
      Fix X2goSession.get_shared_folders() method on Windows.
      typo fix
      fix detection of shared folders on Windows
      make sure backslashed Windows paths arrive properly in x2goumount-session script
      try to sedate a gevent IOError (no error)
      No list_sessions() calls on server when querying the status of an X2goSession instance.
      set pulseaudio exit-idle-time to -1
      add some capturing code for bad implementations of published applications menu tree queries in client applications
      fix for last commit
      Fix automatic mounting of Windows-stylish shared local folders.
      Transform blanks in mount points into underscores.
      Add support for renaming X2Go session windows on Windows.
      fix for last commit
      Add support for Windows for bringing X2Go session windows to foreground.
      Provide X2goClient.get_published_applications() method.
      Fill session profile configurations with missing default values and then detect the profile meta type.
      Support published applications that have to be run in a terminal window.
      Make sure that pulseaudio.exe has its PID directory. Otherwise it will fail to start the first time if the user is new to X2Go.
      typo fix
      typo fix 2
      make sure the LOCAL_HOME path is normalized
      use makedirs instead of mkdir
      Silence warnings that occur during session info queries in case a session startup has not yet been completed fully.
      no GenericName field evaluation
      Use nxproxy- when testing Python X2Go applications.
      Use VcXsrv- when testing Python X2Go applications.
      If configured X-server display port is already in use, try to detect the next available display number.
      Make transitions of master sessions more robust. Only allow local folder sharing for running sessions.
      Re-use a left behind stray X-server that might have not get killed by a previous instance of Python X2Go Client. This trick is nasty, but works around faulty abortion of client implementations.
      os.environ elements can only be strings
      Handle detection of free TCP/IP X display port far more intelligently.
      fix syntax and attribute errors
      On unused port detection bind to by default.
      finally fix last 2-3 commits
      Provide X2goSession.get_session_type() method.
      typo fix
      fix for last commit
      Do not call HOOK method if self.allow_share_local_folders is False.
      Try to derive language information from X2goClient instance.
      Make timeout on command execution customizable.
      fix typo
      Fix SSHException usage.
      fix missing kwarg timeout in X2goSession.exec_published_applications()
      fix __doc__ string indentation
      Make sure path names in X2goPrintActions and X2goMIMEboxActions get transformed to OS-specific path names.
      Not using gevent to spawn MIME box default applications.
      cleanup commit for last commit
      fix undefined protected property in X2Go session info
      Protect session cache from deletion while being processed.
      handle import and usage of defautls.X2GO_DESKTOPSESSIONS differently
      Adapt python-x2go to launching Unity-2d on Ubuntu precise.
      Ignore X windows with empty title while finding session window..
      Catch exceptions while calling SSH transport's getpeername() method.
      minor change in listsessions cache
      missing colons (typos)
      Fix control session failure notifications. Show them immediately after the connection broke.
      Allow custom commands to be desktop sessions.
      fix detection of rootless sessions
      X2goSession instances cannot raise X2goClientExceptions.
      Be more tolerant against suspension failures while taking over a session.
      do not import unused module
      Bundle commit, fixing several issues:
      Fix local folder sharing when the master session changes during runtime.
      typo fix
      use gevent.spawn for wait=0 and gevent.spawn_later for wait>0
      recognize session parameter type during import
      wait 2 seconds before invoking share_all_local_folders script
      Add support for re-registering sessions after session profile changes.
      drop experimental keyboard setting code
      Add new session profile parameter: ,,variant''. Add support to set the keyboard layout _and_ the keyboard variant from the client-side.
      Give functionality to the ,,setdpi'' and the ,,dpi'' session profile parameter (setting the DPI allows font scaling).
      __doc__ string fixes for terminal backend
      Use proper locking of session actions that are critical to being executed in parallel.
      reworked all non-backend __doc__ strings
      re-add a lost line (HOOK_on_control_session_death)
      fix __doc__ strings
      more work on __doc__ strings (backend classes)
      only reported virgin sessions to have been started by someone else
      doc string work on the control session backend
      work on the terminal session __doc__ strings
      update README/TODO file
      bump upstream version towards
      reintroduce compat X2goClient parameter ,,use_cache'' as alias for use_listsessions_cache
      Fix example file x2go_resume_session.py
      HOOK_forward_tunnel_setup_failed fixed
      cosmetic fixes
      set activated property to False on session cleanup
      last pre-release checks with pyflakes


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