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Upstream version
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Mike Gabriel (96):
      /debian/control: Allow build on Ubuntu 10.04 (reduce Python version in Build-Depends).
      package revision 0~x2go2
      Prepare for staying compatible with new SSH proxy feature in X2Go Client.
      typo fix
      increment egg version
      changelog fix
      Add sshproxy_port option to session (SSH proxy) options.
      /debian/rules: Allow package build on systems with missing dh_python2.
      Implementation of session profile parameters ,,sshproxysameuser'' and ,,sshproxysameauth''.
      Fixing typos in __doc__ strings.
      Add x2goclient sessions parameter ,,usebrokerpass''.
      Revert "Add x2goclient sessions parameter ,,usebrokerpass''."
      Add support for starting maximized session windows.
      add closure of issue #12 to changelog
      move session window maximization into terminal backend
      Fix category ,,Utility'' when parsing .desktop files.
      For ,,maxdim'' session property fallback to _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY if _NET_WORKAREA is not available from the window manager.
      follow-up fix for last commit
      set fallback geometry if maximize is not available, fix for if clause
      fix __doc__ string indentation
      fix __doc__ string indentation(2)
      Mention ,,maximize'' as possible value for session option geometry in __doc__string of class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.
      Allow smooth session profile migration, prefer <host>:<port> (set via sshproxy_host) for SSH proxy port detection.
      Implement SSH agent authentication forwarding.
      bump version towards
      Implement X2Go session profile features ,,autologin'' and ,,sshproxyautologin'' (meaning: look_for_keys and allow_agent in Python Paramiko terms).
      fix last two commits
      add _paramiko.py (renamed) file
      /debian/control: Versioned depend on python-paramiko (>= 1.8-0~).
      /debian/pyversions: Drop file as it is deprecated.
      Make X2goClient instance available in initial X2goSession instances.
      fix-up after some tests for look_for_keys and allow_agent feature
      Allow post-initialization updating of forward_sshagent class property.
      Enable autologin and sshproxyautologin for new session profiles.
      fix __doc__ string
      close agent forwarding objects explicitly
      Only monkey patch Python Paramiko based on the currently used Paramiko version (our monkey patches have been sent upstream, so we might not need the monkey patching for paramiko >= 1.8.0 anymore).
      Rename session type XFCE4 to XFCE (using an unversioned name).
      Avoid false positive notifications about started-by-other sessions.
      fix wrong class property name
      trying to activate a session asap
      fix for last commit
      fix: session_uid referenced before assignment
      improve __repr__ methods
      Introduce locks for session registrations.
      Wait for mounting of print and mimebox spooling share.
      typo fix
      also release profile locks during session registration if a session_uuid is re-used
      Allow mixing key file, key object, key discovery and agent authentication.
      Add progress bar support for session startup / resuming. Closes upstream issue #14.
      consolidate progress bar support in Python X2Go
      white space fix
      Set the session name in case a session start failed due to lack of forwarding tunneling support in the server's SSH daemon.
      fix for last commit
      fix for last commit(2)
      clean up code
      Fall back to password auth if agent auth and key discovery fail.
      Give the session window more time to appear.
      Catch rare condition in utils.find_session_window in case where the list of window IDs is not available.
      convert the command to be run to string
      convert self.params.cmd to string when testing if command exists
      fix syntax error
      add __doc__ strings for progress status methods in X2goSession class
      reduce version of python-paramiko
      Revert "reduce version of python-paramiko"
      Versioned depend on python-paramiko (>= 1.8.0-0~).
      fix allow_printing in session registration of X2goClient
      Disable SSH agent forwarding on MS Windows platform for current versions of Python Paramiko.
      Allow usernames containing space characters in user names (common on MS Windows).
      Use threading.Lock to prohibit simultaneous calls of get_published_applications() of control sessions.
      fix for last commit
      Implement some internal locking for X2goSession objects.
      prevent blocking ourselves
      try a more intelligent approach for method locking
      use non-locking _suspend method for transferring sessions from one client to another
      use non-locking terminate method
      Add option to disable auto-registration of pubapp sessions.
      whitespace fix
      code cleanup using pyflakes
      re-fix connect after pyflakes cleanup
      fix skip_pubapp_sessions param
      Implement functionality for restoring mounted shares on session resumption / re-start. Sponsored by Dick Kniep, LinDix NL.
      improve share local folders code
      Catch exceptions where a user tries to resume a session that has just been removed from the session list on the server (race condition).
      Consolidating management of shared and unshared client-side folders.
      more work on the folder mounting code
      fix add_profile in X2goSessionProfilesFILE, thanks to Dick Kniep for noticing this issue
      Before suspending/terminating a session, make sure that the list of shared folders is up-to-date.
      mark a session startup as PENDING asap
      cleanup X2goSession.connect()
      Fix password authentication in case no private RSA/DSA key for a client user exists.
      new connect option sshproxy_force_password_auth, improve detection code that tells if a session can auto-connect or not
      fix faulty boolean expression in auto-connect detection code
      fix license in setup.py
      fix indentations in default.py


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