[X2Go-i18n] Pls find encl Estonian translations

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Sat Feb 25 12:46:45 CET 2017

Okay, here we go.

X2Go Client:

Applied in

With fixup in

Note that I've since regenerated translation files, so some stuff is out of date
by now.

X2Go Admin Center:

Applied in

General comments:

Try to stay rational. It's generally a bad idea to add comments like "Too long
to translate, but try to understand the original string" or smilies. This gives
the impression of laziness or not taking things seriously and is especially
frowned upon in enterprise environments. We do want to suggest we care about the
software and its presentation to users.

There have been a few occurrences where you added spurious backslashes to HTML
entities - I have no idea why, but I have the suspicion that it would have
broken formatting in the application.

It's up to the translators to translate stuff, but I'd personally rather see
also long source strings translated than not. If you have trouble with
specifics, like the translations of stuff for OS-X-specific things, I'm happy to
help out and provide them as comments. For instance, I changed the system
language to Estonian on my OS X machine, but it looks like "Applications" and
"Utilities" are untranslated - so they can be taken verbatim from the source

Keep a keen eye on formatting - especially whitespace everywhere, including at
the end of a string - and punctuation. When in doubt, copy the original string.

Try to keep the naming of things consistent, for instance "X2Go Client". We
generally have a rule that this string is non-translatable and should be kept
verbatim, but I'm more relaxed on that matter. If you want to call it "X2Go
klienti" for instance, that's totally fine - but consistency is important. Don't
mix both around, try to chose one and stick with it.

If you need to provide a comment, please use the "translator comment" feature of
Qt Linguist, don't just put it in the translated text that all users will see.
For instance, I totally agree that having "English language requested, not
loading translator" translated is utter bullshit - and I acted on it, it's not a
translatable string any longer. If you have stuff to discuss, questions or any
other meta problem, use a translator comment, I'll surely see it when going
through the changes.

A few strings were formatted oddly, like this one: "Tundmatu sümbol
peamises.keskmises.versiooninumbris". I've changed it to "Tundmatu sümbol
peamises keskmises versiooninumbris" and left you a comment. Make sure to give
me feedback on that and the others.

Likewise with strings including "GSSApi" - I'm not sure why you translated that
as "GSSA", but I've changed it back and left you a comment. Given that I have no
idea about Esti, it might well be correct to use "GSSA", but it looked odd to me.


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