[x2go-i18n] call for translation: x2goclient, pyhoca-gui

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Thu Apr 12 12:24:10 CEST 2012

Hi Stefan, Hi Alex,

On Mi 11 Apr 2012 16:56:48 CEST Stefan Baur wrote:

> Am 11.04.2012 12:40, schrieb Oleksandr Shneyder:
>> I don't really like the idea to translate English into English. I would
>> prefer to have correct text string in the code. It'll be enough if
>> someone send me simple E-Mail with:
>> "String1" should be "String2"
>> I'll patch X2Go Client by myself.
> It does seem like a strange concept, but if you change strings in  
> X2Goclient that linguist-qt4 is looking for, won't that trigger the  
> "Translation needs to be updated" flag?  If so, every change would  
> send translators scrambling to check what needs to be updated, even  
> though nothing actually needs to be updated... just a thought.   
> Maybe you could try it out with one string to see what actually  
> happens.

This actually was my concern, too. On the other hand I can understand  
Alex. This awkward situation of original strings changing, however,  
will only occur once, if we do a complete proof-reading of the  
originals in one go.

I guess, Alex is right about prefering to change the originals in  
upstream code.

@Alex: for new original strings I will keep an eye on the commits and  
make remarks on language if necessary (or simply commit a corrected  
version of the string).

@Stefan: if you find time, it would be awesome if you could go through  
all the originals (e.g. in the x2goclient_de.ts file) and send Alex  
(on this list) a list of all originals that you think should be  
updated. I know that this is a bunch of work, but I myself should  
rather focus on coding, I guess. So if you could take over this job  
(whose result will be a PITA for all translators... but just only once  
if done properly) that would be awesome!



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