[X2Go-Dev] Folder sharing in ThinClient mode - server-side situation after umount

Stefan Baur X2Go-ML-1 at baur-itcs.de
Wed Jan 23 15:11:09 CET 2019

Am 23.01.19 um 14:38 schrieb Stefan Baur:
> Am 22.01.19 um 20:23 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
>> Simply removing the USB flash drive is what is supposed to be done. If
>> the folder remains, then something goes wrong on the server-side (in
>> x2goumount-session), maybe in X2Go Client (dunno otoh).
> Well, that's not what's happening.  I was able to confirm the behavior
> on my test system.
> On the ThinClient,
> /media/Manufacturername/rawdevice # like sdb
> and
> /media/Manufacturername/partition # like sdb1
> remain after unplugging the flash drive.
> I just checked, x2gousbmount contains a step to force-umount the media
> after removal, and to somehow let X2GoClient know about it by doing
> things in ~/export/, but it never contained a step to remove the
> directory *on the thinclient*.
> Also, it looks like the X2GoServer is simply monitoring directory
> existence on the thinclient - because as soon as you manually rmdir the
> empty directory on the thinclient, it also disappears from the server.
> I could simply add an rmdir step to the umount routine in x2gousbmount,
> but given what you wrote above, I'm wondering if it's supposed to happen
> somewhere else, and failing.
> Any insights?  Should I proceed or go rmdir-grephunting across the X2Go
> source first?

Digging further into this, it looks like that on the server,
x2goumount-session is responsible for deleting the stale desktop shortcuts.


a) It exists twice, once as x2goumounts-session, once as
x2goumounts_session.  Not symlinked, but two separate files. WTF?

b) it contains a *hardcoded* path that makes it check /media/disk only,
with a big fat FIXME note on top that this needs to be changed to handle
CD-ROM and removable media mounts as well.
So it's kinda obvious why it's not working for removable media ...

c) It looks like neither x2goumounts-session nor x2goumounts_session are
being called upon stick removal (there's no "x2goumount-session has been
called [...]" message in the syslog at all).



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