[X2Go-Dev] Bug#1308: "--auth-attempts 0" doesn't deactivate interactive authentication

Nico.Lemanski at t-systems.com Nico.Lemanski at t-systems.com
Thu Jul 19 14:30:02 CEST 2018

Package: pyhoca-cli

When I call "pyhoca-cli" with the following options:
	"--password" followed by a wrong password
	"--auth-attempts 0"
I get a password prompt which has actually no effect even if I enter the correct password.

pyhoca-cli --server -u exampleUser --password 'BADPASSWORD' --auth-attempts 0 -L --libdebug

pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2goclient-pylib) NOTICE: initializing X2Go session...
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) NOTICE: connecting to []:22
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) DEBUG: trying SSH key discovery or agent authentication with server
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) INFO: unlock SSH private key file with provided password
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2gocontrolsession-pylib) DEBUG: re-trying SSH key discovery now with passphrase for unlocking the key(s)
pyhoca-cli[1028] (PyHocaCLI) NOTICE: interactive login for user ,,exampleUser''
pyhoca-cli: error: non-interactive authentication failed
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2goguardian-pylib) DEBUG: X2Go session guardian thread waking up after 3 seconds
pyhoca-cli[1028] (x2goguardian-pylib) DEBUG: calling session cleanup on profile Pyhoca-Client_Session for terminal session:

Expected behavior:
no password prompt
just exit with returnCode: 203

In "PyHocaCLI.authenticate()" let "force_password_auth" only become true if "auth_attempts" is greater than 0.

"Oracle Linux Server 7.4"


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