[X2Go-Dev] x2gomountdirs block mount from server

Stefan Baur X2Go-ML-1 at baur-itcs.de
Thu Apr 23 21:11:08 CEST 2015

Am 23.04.2015 um 19:20 schrieb Mihai Moldovan:
> On 23.04.2015 05:51 PM, dani at moneders.net wrote:
>> thanks. I'm not explain well. I want permit printing and not
>> folder sharing
>> user is part of fuse group to Printing. but that permit folder
>> share, an I want prohibit
> There is currently no way of doing this. Client Side Printing
> support explicitly requires Folder Sharing, as this is what is
> internally used to enable Client Side Printing.
> I'm not sure if the printing scripts use x2gomountdirs, but it's
> highly likely they do.
> You're not going to get one feature without the other currently,
> sorry.

Well, there is --hide-foldersharing on the client, but this requires
that your users can't call x2goclient.exe without parameters.  So it's
not really a security measure, it just stops the occasional tinkerer.

Of course, if your clients (or network printers) have static IPs or
fixed DNS names, and are in the same network, you can print to them
directly and don't need the print job forwarding feature of X2GoClient.

For a networked printer, just configure it in CUPS on the X2Go server.
For a Mac OS X or Linux machine, make sure the locally installed CUPS
can announce itself to the network, so the CUPS on the X2Go server can
pick it up and offer its printers.
For a Windows machine, install the LPD service (it's available in
Windows, just not installed by default), make sure the printer name
has no spaces in it (Windows doesn't care about spaces, LPR and CUPS
do, however), and configure it like you would configure any
LPR/LPD-based network printer in CUPS on the X2Go server.

If you're looking for ways to print using one generic printer driver
on the CUPS side, and want to be able to print to whatever printer is
installed on a Windows machine, even one that is GDI-only and has no
Linux driver, contact me off-list, we have a solution for that and
offer commercial support for it.  (This is totally independent of X2Go.)


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