[X2Go-Dev] Bug#833: Bug#833: x2goserver defective

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Wed Apr 1 21:51:08 CEST 2015

Hi Klaus,

On 31.03.2015 05:42 PM, Klaus Munsteiner wrote:
> Package: x2goserver
> Version:
> System: Fresh installed Debian wheezy XFCE 32-bit
> Hardware: Thermtek Thin Client with VIA C7 CPU (non PAE)
> When I want to install  a new x2goserver.
> I get the message, that the package is defective.

Can you please also send the actual error messages as printed by
apt/aptitude/dpkg? "package is defective" sadly is too vague to do
anything about it.


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