[X2go-Dev] MacOS x2goclient

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Thu Jun 30 12:05:36 CEST 2011

Hi Stefan,

On Di 28 Jun 2011 16:28:36 CEST Mike Gabriel wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> On Mo 27 Jun 2011 15:13:12 CEST Stefan Baur wrote:
>> I'm not giving the machine away, but you may use it free of charge   
>> for the duration of the tests.
> This is a very generous offer. I guess best practice would be to  
> give  the machine to Heinz+Alex in Treuchtlingen, Germany. Alex is  
> the main  coder of the native x2goclient application. I will be on  
> the phone  with Heinz tonight (who has not yet confirmed the  
> appointment...  poking him in public ;-) ) and discuss your  
> offering. So stay tuned!!!
>> Mike, do you have any idea if pyhoca-gui will run on MacOS?
> As I am neither a Mac User nor a Mac Developer nor a Mac owner, the   
> answer unfortunately is: no, no idea...
> But for someone with Mac+Python knowledge this should not be too difficult...
> Thank you very much for your offer in this mail,
> Mike

I have discussed with Heinz+Alex. They would love to have a system  
provided permanently so they can fully integrate it in their build  
environment. Temporary solutions are feared to be more work then  

So my offer is that I could adapt python-x2go, pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli  
to MacOS (which should not be too difficult). If you could send me the  
device I could take a look at Mac development over the next half year  
or so?



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