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kamerun at immerda.ch kamerun at immerda.ch
Thu Jun 30 10:20:12 CEST 2011

hello again,

i send this mail one more time, sorry, but i had no answer and i need at 
least one: the minimum requirements for the x2go thin clients. why? i 
work now with alix boards and they are very good, may be to good (256 mb 
ram for a thin client is many as well as a 500 MHz cpu) i found thin 
client much cheaper with 64 mB ram i would like to test it, but i really 
don't know if it is enough for x2go thin client.

i fly the 15. juli to europe. i really like to meet the people of x2go, 
if it is a possiblility, just tell me.
africa could be a good place for x2go.


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i work now more and less 2 years with an x2go network in cameroon and it
works fine, so thanks for your work. i would like to participate, but
here the situation is crazy: in few years we will no more recognise
africa and the technical level of the discussion is too high

question 1
i would like to know the minimum of memory for x2go thin clients, i have
read the x2go docu and google but i don't find the answer. i know that
we need 64 mb for ltsp, i suppose it is a more for x2go thin client, so
how much it is?

question 2
as our connection here in cameroon is very poor, we have done in europe
a repository usb hard drive, it works well. i have done a script to
install a x2go server and it goes very fast: less than 15 minutes the
x2go server is working, if interesse i can post the script.

question 3
i come to europe begin of july for 2-3 months, i would like to meet
people to experience installation, use of x2go, exist a workshop or
something like this in the holiday period? with a cameroonian woman and
some friends, we want introduce low power network (one x2go server 4
client) with solar power and with x2go.

hope to see you

kamerun at immerda.ch
linux friends
sokolo new road
limbe / cameroun
phone : (00237) 743 514 33

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