[X2go-Dev] nice, ionice with x2go?

John Williams jwilliams4200 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 20:45:36 CEST 2011

Has anyone experimented with 'nice' or 'ionice' to improve x2go
responsiveness? If so, what x2go processes might benefit?

The linux server that I am running x2goserver on sometimes has high
loads, both CPU and disk IO. However, there should be plenty of
resources left, since never are all of the CPU cores maxed out, and
the root filesystem is running on a fast SSD. Nevertheless, sometimes
x2go responsivity will go to almost nothing for a few seconds.

So, I was thinking to try x2go with 'nice -n -10' and 'ionice -c 2 -n
0' or even 'ionice -c 1', but I am not sure how to go about that. Does
there exist anywhere a short description of the jobs that x2go starts
when it is invoked, and what each does? Currently I see:

x2gocleansessions (root, PPID 0)
x2goagent (user, PPID 1)
x2goruncommand (user, PPID 0)
ssh (.x2go) (user, PPID 0)
sshfs (.x2go) (user, PPID 0)

but I am not sure which are important to responsivity, and which
scripts started which processes (so I can edit the scripts to insert
'nice' commands).

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