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Oleksandr Shneyder oleksandr.shneyder at obviously-nice.de
Thu Jun 9 08:11:26 CEST 2011

Am 08.06.2011 16:15, schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Hi Alex,
> on some rare occasions (PyHoca-GUI queries the session status every five
> minutes) the x2golistsessions command returns/stdouts a weird value:
> e.g.
> |mike-142-1307541552_stDGNOME_dp24|142|vidar.das-netzwerkteam.de|R|08.0611
> 15:59:12|||||08.0611 15:59:12|2000|0|
> This x2golistsessions output is obviously incomplete. Do you have a clue
> why there are some values missing? It mostly happens during the first
> 5-10 seconds of a newly started session.
> Any ideas?
> Mike
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Hello Mike,

x2gostartagent creating new session in 3 phases:

1. finding unique Display number and unique Session ID. Inserting in
database new session

2. finding free ports for sound, graphic, FS sharing. Updating database
entry with this values

3. starting x2goagent. Updating database entry with PID of x2goagent

if you get an entry from database between phases 1 and 3 some values
(ports, agent PID) will be not set.

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