[X2go-dev] rdesktop connection with program-parameters

Udo Lembke ulembke at polarzone.de
Wed Jun 30 16:08:58 CEST 2010

i do my first testing with an x2go-server. The first bigger problem is 
relatet to an rdesktop-connection.
I need to bypass an parameter to a windows programm.
I select in the X2go client -> Settings -> Windows Terminal Server and 
put following in the "Erweiterte Einstellungen" (in german):
-d domain.com -n xyz -c \'\\\\Server\\Program\' -s 
\'\\\\Server\\Program\\Program.exe R=xyz\'

The connection fail (it's about the ' ), but if i do a "ssh -X 
user at x2go-server", i see the right command:
cat .x2go/C-user-94-1277905770_stRRDP_dp24/cmdoutput
exec rdesktop  -g 1024x768 -d domain.com -n xyz -c '\\Server\Program' -s 
'\\Server\Program\Program.exe R=xyz'

and a "chmod +x .x2go/C-user-94-1277905770_stRRDP_dp24/cmdoutput; 
start the program right.

It looks like, that x2go has problem with the apostrophe.

Any help are wellcome!

Best regards


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