[X2go-dev] High Performance SSH/SCP - HPN-SSH

Erik Auerswald auerswald at fg-networking.de
Mon Jun 28 09:30:39 CEST 2010


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 06:55:56AM +0000, cougarmaster wrote:
>    Was reading about how to increase SSH performance and I came across this.
> Would this help in speeding up X2GO in anyway are just a waste of time?

I don't think SSH is the bottleneck for normal X2Go use. Usually the
network link between server and client has little bandwidth (think DSL or
cable modem) and can be easily saturated by standard openssh without any
tuning. Thus the client side would not profit significantly from the
changes in HPN-SSH.

On the server side you start several SSH processes, thus getting the multi
thread functionality without a patch. There is no need to adjust the
internal SSH buffers either, because of the low bandwidth links to the

What might help on a heavy loaded server or on slow clients (e.g. VIA
or ARM based thin clients without hardware AES encryption) would be the
use of the blowfish cipher. [Disclaimer: I did not check which cipher
is selected by X2Go.]

> Also in there is a link to tuning network performance too just wanted
> to see if it would be of any help.

This is the standard network performance tuning found everywhere. This is
interesting for a saturated server, but will not solve any fundamental
speed issues.

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