[X2go-dev] BUG-RERPORT: x2goprint will not work on NFS4/Kerberos HOMES

Mike Gabriel m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Fri Jun 25 23:52:30 CEST 2010

Hi there again,

2 issues with CUPS/X2GO printing...

1st issue:
when mounting home directories via NFS (NFS3 with root_squash, NFS4  
with any kind of Kerberos security feature) you cannot copy a file as  
superuser ,,root'' to a user's HOME (x2goprint is called via  
sudo(NOPASSWD) in the cups-x2go backend).

The logical error is in the last stanza of the x2goprint file...  
(quoted and marked below).

Maybe there is already a solution for this. If not, let me know and I  
propose a suggestion (and test it with krb5p security enabled servers).

my $mounts=`sudo x2gopgwrapper getmounts $session`;
if( $mounts=~m/$spooldir/)

      move ("$printdir/$file", "$homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file") or  
die "$!: Can't rename $file to $homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file";

      chown $uid, $gid, "$homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file";
      system ("su $user -c \"mv $homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file $spooldir\"");

      open (RFILE,">$homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file.ready");
      print RFILE "$file\n$title";
      close (RFILE);

      chown $uid, $gid, "$homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file.ready";
      system ("su $user -c \"mv $homedir/.x2go/C-$session/$file.ready  

2nd issue:
There is als some inconsistency between cups-x2go and x2goprint:

<quote src="/usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-x2go">
$tempFile = "$ENV{TMPDIR}/$jid-$uid-cupsjob$$";

BUT: $TMPDIR is not set, that's why first instances of CUPS's spool  
jobs appear in the server's root directory "/".

Most important: by design $tempFile is a full path!!!

$tempFile is picked up in x2goprint as $file

<quote src="/usr/bin/x2goprint">
my ($user, $session, $file, $titleFile)=@ARGV;

However, in x2goprint $file is interpreted as a filename without path...

But maybe this problem als has been already addressed...

I also get loads of stray job files on my x2goserver, especially if  
the print mechanism is not working by some reason (e.g. broken reverse  
ssh, because i was not able to configure my client properly... ;-) )



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