[X2go-dev] authentification cookie error

Guillaume LUDWIG contact at gmli.fr
Sun Jun 20 21:38:54 CEST 2010


I have a problem with my test server. 
Three days ago I was unable to connect to my computer with X2GO (in local 
connexion). Remove my .Xauthority file solved the problem.

Now I'm in front of the same problem again, but there is no .Xauthority file.
I'm unable to connect to my computer in local :

gml at black-cerisier:~$ cat /home/gml/.x2go/S-
Loop: PANIC! The remote NX proxy closed the connection.
Loop: PANIC! Failure negotiating the session in stage '7'.
Loop: PANIC! Wrong version or invalid session authentication cookie.
gml at black-cerisier:~$

But when I try to connect from another computer, it works like a charm.

(my X2GO server is on a Ubuntu 10.04)

Any idea on how to solve this ?


PS to Heinz : I have tried the firefox plugin, it works _perfectly_, great job 

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