[X2go-dev] X2goclient on Maemo5 Fremantle (Nokia n900)

Heinz-M. Graesing x2go-dev at x2go.org
Sun Jun 20 09:03:10 CEST 2010

Hello Peter,

Am 20.06.2010 02:04, schrieb Müller, Peter:
> Peter Müller schrieb am 20.06.2010 02:04
> Hi folks,
> yesterday i tried to install the x2goclient on my Nokia n900, but it
> failed with an error message:

We don't have a own N900 (the one you've seen on youtube was owned by
LinuxMagazin). The problem was with the N900 was, that there was a
difference between the result inside the development kit and the real
target environment. So we couldn't guarantee that what we did really
would work on the N900.

We've received more and more requests for maemo5 so we'll keep it in
mind and maybe the N900 gets cheaper on *bay soon :).

best regards,


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