[X2go-dev] sound on x2gothinclient

Heinz-M. Graesing x2go-dev at x2go.org
Fri Jun 18 17:28:14 CEST 2010

Hello Philipp,

Am 18.06.2010 12:22, schrieb Philipp Huebner:
> Hi folks,
> On 05.06.2010 01:01, Philipp Huebner wrote:
>> following the manual for Debian Lenny I have set up a x2gothinclient,
>> but I can't get the sound to work.
>> Any hints how to debug this problem? alsa recognizes the soundcard, it
>> is supportet by the running linux kernel.
>> Is it correct that there is not a single pulseaudio package installed
>> inside the chroot?
> any ideas / help / hints?

You can use 3 different Audio Frameworks with x2go - esd, arts and
pulse. As lenny still uses Kde 3.5, arts is preconfigured for
redirecting sound. If you wan't to use pulse, you'll need to install it
inside the thin client environment.
As Kde 3.5 has no audio "module" for pulseaudio this is not explained in
the old manual. I'll add this to the wiki soon.

best regards,


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