[X2go-dev] CLI / plugin

Jörg Sawatzki joerg.sawatzki at web.de
Sat Jun 12 19:10:54 CEST 2010

Hey folks,

first of all I'd like to thank you for your excellent work! I just gave
x2go a try on my virtual server running ubuntu hardy and I am quite
impressed how easy it was to set it up and how fast it works.

One short thing concerning the new plugin (which is not yet released, I
know): I am on ubuntu lucid here (amd64) and firefox 3.6.3 - browsing to
http://plugin.x2go.org and installing the plugin works perfectly.

But: After installation, browsing to plugin.x2go.org makes firefox crash
with the following command line output:
firefox-bin: ../../src/xcb_io.c:249: process_responses: Assertion
`(((long) (dpy->last_request_read) - (long) (dpy->request)) <= 0)'

Just as a hint - but probably you already know this issue...

Anyway, now my actual question: I am developing a portable learning and
working environment for the state of Lower Saxony targeted to schools
(http://www.n-stick.de). Basically users put it on their USB stick to
manage their portable programs and get updates using an apt-get like
repository providing software and learning materials. 
If they e.g. install openoffice through the package manager, they can
double click an *.odt file in the builtin file manager and it is opened
with their openoffice. You probably already guess what I am thinking
about: It would be cool if they had an option to say "Edit online" - in
the case they don't have the appropriate application on their stick. Our
portable desktop would then start x2goclient and popup an openoffice
window on the remote x2goserver configured in the user's settings.

I had a look at x2goclient-cli which could easily be executed by our
python app.
A few questions:
- most of the users are using Windows - is or will the CLI be available
for windows as well?
- is there a way to tell the CLI that it should let the local window
manager render the windows? If I use it with --command xterm for
example, a 800x600 virtual desktop pops up and contains an xterm window.
I have seen the x2goclient-gtk/qt can do that, but I am not sure how to
do it with the CLI.
- if the user clicks a file on his USB drive the terminal server will
need access to it - is it possible to get that working with the CLI?

Thanks once again and have fun at LinuxTag :o)


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