[X2go-dev] Linuxtag

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Tue Jun 8 08:57:22 CEST 2010

Heinz-M. Graesing schreef:
> Hello Paul,
> Jonas Smedegaard wants to do the packaging of x2go for the official
> sources. 

Many people have tried to package NX for Debian, it's not easy.

> There are several things which need to be discussed, but he
> said - nothing would "really" prevent x2go on the long run (as we a
> trying to work on the issues):
> The "problems" are part of the nxlibs and they are:
> * There is duplicate Code inside the nxlibs - in fact it is a whole xorg
> server -> as debian tries to avoid duplicate sources, this needs to be
> changed some time.
> * There is code inside the nxlibs which is unmaintained. This is again
> the xorg code which is outdated and again debian tries to avoid
> unmaintained code.

The Xorg-code is the biggest problem. I am not sure how it is with SSH,
Cups, GKrellM or Samba (what was duplicated code too).

Maybe good to tell something about "what allready has been done to avoid
code duplication".

> Besides those two arguments I don't know about further problems but to
> avoid licence "problems" a nx "redesign" should be more look like an
> module for xorg.

But so far I know there is no module-infrastructure for this kind of
plugins in X.org. And are the X.org people willing to add and maintain
NX as a modules in X.org? Not sure. Other options are: a rewrite of NX
under another license and talking to Nomachine about a license change.

And there is maybe code duplication between Nomachine-NX and X2go-NX,
because the libraries are not exactly the same. Some Nomachine-NX code
is allready in Debian, like nxproxy. Maybe it's possible to have a
NX-base and an splitted NX-X2go and NX-Nomachine, or make it
configurable. But do you want to be "upstream" for the NX libs?

Not easy, teamwork is needed, you can't do it all on your own. I would
say: end the speach with that.

What we need are people who know really know a lot about integrating
libraries to avoid duplicated code, X.org specialists, maybe people who
want to be upstream for changed NX libraries, and advocates who can talk
to Nomachine and X.org people (or to Google for the "summer of code").

But first show the people how great X2go is ;-)

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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