[X2go-dev] x2gothinclient: pre-select session?

Heinz-M. Graesing x2go-dev at x2go.org
Fri Jun 4 08:57:14 CEST 2010

Hello Philipp,

Am 03.06.2010 23:00, schrieb Philipp Huebner:

> Now, to top it all off, it would be great if I could get x2goclient to
> pre-select that session. In my setup there is only one Terminalserver,
> and that way the click on the card would be saved.
> Currently, I have the following in
> /opt/x2gothinclient/etc/default/x2goclient:
> x2goclient --external-login=/ramdrive/logins --no-menu --maximize
> --link=lan --kbd-layout=de --kbd-type=pc105/de --set-kbd=1
> --geometry=fullscreen --add-to-known-hosts
> --read-exports-from=/ramdrive/export
> If I just add --session-id=20100603181957574 to that list, x2goclient
> won't start. that argument alone doesn't work either.

The --session-id feature is a parameter for the use with autogenerated
desktop icons. Please use the --session parameter instead:

x2goclient --session=displayed_name_of_session_inside_x2goclient

This shlould work fine.

Best Regards,


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