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    <item>X2Go Admin Center|Administrate X2Go with X2Go's admin center|[[wiki:advanced:administration:start]]|{{:wiki:litte-phoca.png|}}</item>
    <item>CipUX Backend|Configuration of X2Go Admin Center's CipUX backend|[[wiki:advanced:administration:cipux]]|{{:wiki:litte-phoca.png|}}</item>
+ ===== X2Go Ephyr =====
+ X2Go Ephyr is a kdrive X-Server based on Xephyr
+ <WRAP round info>
+ <menu col=1,align=center,caption="X2Go Ephyr descriptions and HOWTOs">
<item>X2Go Ephyr|Description and HOWTO|[[wiki:advanced:x2goephyr:start]]|{{:wiki:litte-phoca.png|}}</item>
+ </menu>
+ </WRAP>

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