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in repository pyhoca-cli.

      from  87b6c71   release
      adds  1db41fe   Continue development
      adds  568f71f   Port to Python3.
      adds  ff718bc   debian/{control,compat}: Bump to DH version level 9.
      adds  13503d9   debian/control: Bump versioned D (pyhoca-cli): python-x2go (>=
      adds  2d88f3d   debian/control: White-space fix.
      adds  eb844a1   debian/control: Switch to python3-* dependencies.
      adds  e344f92   debian/control: Fix src:pkg header part.
      adds  04eabd5   debian/rules: Build for Python3, not Python2.
      adds  adba562   Bump upstream version to
      adds  b851c91   debian/changelog: Update from Git history
      adds  b427400   pyhoca-cli.spec: Adapt to PyHoca-CLI's Python3 port.
      adds  957fb1a   debian/rules: Typo fix in WITH_PYTHON3 variable assignment.
      adds  c1ff8d4   Enforce Python3 build, fix FTBFS. (debian/rules: Switch to pybuild DH build system.)
      adds  835cd53   pyhoca-cli: Add --force-password command line switch to override SSH key detection code.
      adds  aa43e5a   debian/changelog
      adds  4e61d8d   man page: Add --force-password option.
      adds  252bb31   pyhoca-cli.1: Rephrase info for --from-stdin slightly.
      adds  e2dedb1   Add --try-resume cmd line option and feature. Bump version to
      adds  341fe80   debian/rules: Ignore failures during dh_auto_clean. Helps with build envs that don't have python3-setuptools installed when building source packages.
      adds  de1d266   setup.py: Fix version string detection. (Copy+paste flaw...).
      adds  afcf64f   debian/control: Drop D (pyhoca-cli): python3-argparse. Part of stdlib in Python3 these days.
      adds  849181b   update debian/changelog
      adds  3a620cc   Fix duplicate password prompt. Regression fix.
      adds  ca983f4   pyhoca/cli/frontend.py: Fix for previous commit.
      adds  bda4775   pyhoca/cli/frontend.py: Fix for previous commit (2).
      adds  2bc1ab0   Add --xinerama (or -x) command line option.
      adds  4de6570   keyboard handling: Switch to kbd-type auto and kbd-layout null. Should auto-detect the client-side keyboard in the X2Go session just fine.
      adds  6984ba6   update debian/changelog
      adds  48793e7   pyhoca-cli main programme: Check for DISPLAY env var being set and having a usable / expectable value.
      adds  ac94526   update debian/changelog
      adds  d417c62   Add --forward-sshagent / -A cmdline option for enabling SSH agent forwarding.
      adds  bee1402   debian/changelog: Add closure for #1287.
      adds  34715b3   Entirely rewrite PyHocaCLI.authenticate() function. (Fixes: #1308).
      adds  56fc651   pyhoca-clI: Reserve -l as username option. Just like in OpenSSH.
      adds  0dabf4e   pyhoca-cli: Add -i as alias for --ssh-privkey. Just like in OpenSSH.
      adds  0171816   pyhoca-cli: Fake SSH like login with additional [host] as positional argument.
      adds  1191860   pyhoca-cli: Extract username from host parameter, if an @ is in the host string.
      adds  dadb385   Switch from time.sleep() to gevent.sleep().
      adds  75f53ca   Set specific 'Passphrase: ' prompt (not 'Password: ') when we query for SSH key passphrases.
      adds  e8dacb1   Fix --share-local-folders (aka -F) option and really mount shared folders. (Fixes: #984).
      adds  61199c5   debian/control: The fix for --share-local-folders requires a fixed Python X2Go (>=
      adds  cea4d39   Fix --list-profiles action. Regresion after we introduced the a.host positional argument.
      adds  2a3460f   Update cmdline options in man page.
      adds  db47d5d   release
      adds  3ba796c   debian/control: Set Section: from "python" to "x11". More appropriate.
      adds  70aa4a6   Continue development...
      adds  c716bec   pyhoca-cli.spec: Adjust python3-x2go versioned dependency.
      adds  15298b5   debian/changelog: fix for previous version.
      adds  716fd7c   debian/changelog: fix for current version.
      adds  1b3cd85   pyhoca-cli.spec: build with Python 2 on CentOS, drop python3-argparse dependency (part of stdlib).
      adds  b8bf324   pyhoca-cli.spec: it's still %endif, not %fi.
      adds  55d4bfc   pyhoca-cli.spec: either EL6 or EL7, not both at the same time.
      adds  b050d3e   pyhoca-cli.spec: use modern python build and install macros.
      adds  4f98092   setup.py: backport Python 2 support via io.open.
      adds  6ebecc4   pyhoca-cli.spec: Build-Require python-rpm-macros for OpenSuSE builds.
      adds  0d50466   setup.py: we actually also need the version information, so import it.
      adds  b5d0ec9   setup.py: need to import the sys module, not just version_info into global namespace.
      adds  4b69e61   pyhoca-cli.spec: include python2_sitelib for CentOS, python3_sitelib otherwise.
      adds  1bb1d2a   pyhoca-cli.spec: pick the files correctly.
      adds  14eba70   pyhoca-cli.spec: also pick files matching PyHoca_CLI* in the site-lib directory.
      adds  e86021e   Fix failing password-only authentication.
      adds  3fbced2   pyhoca-cli.spec: fully own %{python2_sitelib}/pyhoca directory.
      adds  5dcd563   pyhoca/cli/frontend.py: Check directly after authentication, if the remote host has the X2Go Server software installed.
      adds  0adac3b   debian/control: Bump versioned D on python3-x2go to (>=
      adds  7585c67   pyhoca/cli/frontend.py: Be more real-time realistic and user friendly with notice log messages after authentication.
      adds  192ee99   pyhoca/cli/frontend.py: rephrase auth success message slightly.
      adds  20a1cc9   Catch HOOK_no_such_command and bail out if the server does not know how to execute the given session command.
      adds  d398725   misc: copyright update.
      adds  755ae8f   man/man1/pyhoca-cli.1: pre-release date update.
      adds  45b662f   release

No new revisions were added by this update.

Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog              | 1188 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Makefile.docupload     |    2 +-
 README                 |    2 +-
 TODO                   |    2 +-
 debian/changelog       |   79 ++++
 debian/compat          |    2 +-
 debian/control         |   23 +-
 debian/copyright       |    4 +-
 debian/rules           |    8 +-
 man/man1/pyhoca-cli.1  |   32 +-
 pyhoca-cli             |   51 ++-
 pyhoca-cli.spec        |   71 ++-
 pyhoca/__init__.py     |    2 +-
 pyhoca/cli/__init__.py |    4 +-
 pyhoca/cli/frontend.py |  379 +++++++++++----
 setup.py               |   16 +-
 16 files changed, 1699 insertions(+), 166 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 ChangeLog

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