[X2Go-Commits] Build failed in Jenkins: x2goclient+nightly+fedora-rawhide #365

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Wed Mar 2 16:45:10 CET 2016

See <http://jenkins.x2go.org:8080/job/x2goclient+nightly+fedora-rawhide/365/changes>


[o.shneyder] Fix reading settings for direct RDP connections in broker mode.

[...truncated 2169 lines...]
Installing for dependencies:
 audit-libs                   i686    2.5-3.fc24                  fedora   96 k
 audit-libs                   x86_64  2.5-3.fc24                  fedora   94 k
 basesystem                   noarch  11-2.fc24                   fedora  9.8 k
 binutils                     x86_64  2.26-13.fc25                fedora  5.9 M
 bzip2-libs                   i686    1.0.6-20.fc24               fedora   46 k
 bzip2-libs                   x86_64  1.0.6-20.fc24               fedora   45 k
 ca-certificates              noarch  2015.2.6-3.fc24             fedora  432 k
 chkconfig                    x86_64  1.7-2.fc24                  fedora  179 k
 coreutils-common             x86_64  8.25-4.fc24                 fedora  1.9 M
 cpp                          x86_64  6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  9.0 M
 cracklib                     i686    2.9.6-2.fc24                fedora   85 k
 cracklib                     x86_64  2.9.6-2.fc24                fedora   85 k
 cracklib-dicts               x86_64  2.9.6-2.fc24                fedora  3.9 M
 crypto-policies              noarch  20151104-2.gitf1cba5f.fc24  fedora   30 k
 curl                         x86_64  7.47.1-3.fc24               fedora  296 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib               i686    2.1.26-26.2.fc24            fedora  161 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib               x86_64  2.1.26-26.2.fc24            fedora  158 k
 dwz                          x86_64  0.12-2.fc24                 fedora  107 k
 elfutils                     x86_64  0.165-5.fc24                fedora  300 k
 elfutils-default-yama-scope  noarch  0.165-5.fc24                fedora   38 k
 elfutils-libelf              x86_64  0.165-5.fc24                fedora  213 k
 elfutils-libs                x86_64  0.165-5.fc24                fedora  270 k
 emacs-filesystem             noarch  1:24.5-10.fc24              fedora   65 k
 expat                        x86_64  2.1.0-13.fc24               fedora   88 k
 fedora-repos                 noarch  25-0.1                      fedora   76 k
 fedora-repos-rawhide         noarch  25-0.1                      fedora  7.3 k
 file                         x86_64  5.25-6.fc24                 fedora   68 k
 file-libs                    x86_64  5.25-6.fc24                 fedora  437 k
 filesystem                   x86_64  3.2-37.fc24                 fedora  1.0 M
 gc                           x86_64  7.4.2-6.fc25                fedora  103 k
 gdb                          x86_64  7.11-58.fc25                fedora  3.3 M
 gdbm                         x86_64  1.11-7.fc24                 fedora  137 k
 ghc-srpm-macros              noarch  1.4.2-3.fc24                fedora  8.3 k
 glib2                        i686   fedora  2.2 M
 glib2                        x86_64   fedora  2.2 M
 glibc                        i686    2.23.90-2.fc25              fedora  4.5 M
 glibc                        x86_64  2.23.90-2.fc25              fedora  3.8 M
 glibc-common                 x86_64  2.23.90-2.fc25              fedora  868 k
 glibc-devel                  x86_64  2.23.90-2.fc25              fedora  930 k
 glibc-headers                x86_64  2.23.90-2.fc25              fedora  497 k
 gmp                          i686    1:6.1.0-2.fc24              fedora  305 k
 gmp                          x86_64  1:6.1.0-2.fc24              fedora  315 k
 gnat-srpm-macros             noarch  2-2.fc24                    fedora  8.7 k
 gnupg2                       x86_64  2.1.11-1.fc24               fedora  1.9 M
 gnutls                       x86_64  3.4.9-1.fc24                fedora  656 k
 go-srpm-macros               noarch  2-6.fc24                    fedora  8.5 k
 guile                        x86_64  5:2.0.11-8.fc24             fedora  3.9 M
 isl                          x86_64  0.14-5.fc24                 fedora  482 k
 kernel-headers               x86_64  4.5.0-0.rc5.git0.2.fc25     fedora  1.0 M
 keyutils-libs                x86_64  1.5.9-8.fc24                fedora   45 k
 krb5-libs                    x86_64  1.14-23.fc24                fedora  837 k
 libacl                       i686    2.2.52-11.fc24              fedora   32 k
 libacl                       x86_64  2.2.52-11.fc24              fedora   31 k
 libarchive                   x86_64  3.1.2-15.fc24               fedora  322 k
 libasan                      i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  316 k
 libassuan                    x86_64  2.4.2-2.fc24                fedora   75 k
 libatomic                    i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora   21 k
 libatomic_ops                x86_64  7.4.2-7.fc24                fedora   31 k
 libattr                      i686    2.4.47-16.fc24              fedora   24 k
 libattr                      x86_64  2.4.47-16.fc24              fedora   24 k
 libbabeltrace                x86_64  1.2.4-4.fc24                fedora  151 k
 libblkid                     i686    2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  186 k
 libblkid                     x86_64  2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  180 k
 libcap                       i686    2.24-9.fc24                 fedora   53 k
 libcap                       x86_64  2.24-9.fc24                 fedora   51 k
 libcap-ng                    i686    0.7.7-4.fc24                fedora   30 k
 libcap-ng                    x86_64  0.7.7-4.fc24                fedora   30 k
 libcilkrts                   i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora   55 k
 libcom_err                   x86_64  1.42.13-4.fc24              fedora   45 k
 libcurl                      x86_64  7.47.1-3.fc24               fedora  261 k
 libdb                        i686    5.3.28-14.fc24              fedora  770 k
 libdb                        x86_64  5.3.28-14.fc24              fedora  740 k
 libdb-utils                  x86_64  5.3.28-14.fc24              fedora  109 k
 libfdisk                     i686    2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  228 k
 libfdisk                     x86_64  2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  221 k
 libffi                       i686    3.1-9.fc24                  fedora   34 k
 libffi                       x86_64  3.1-9.fc24                  fedora   34 k
 libgcc                       i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora   82 k
 libgcc                       x86_64  6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora   74 k
 libgcrypt                    i686    1.6.4-2.fc24                fedora  355 k
 libgcrypt                    x86_64  1.6.4-2.fc24                fedora  376 k
 libgomp                      i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  179 k
 libgomp                      x86_64  6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  174 k
 libgpg-error                 i686    1.21-2.fc24                 fedora  159 k
 libgpg-error                 x86_64  1.21-2.fc24                 fedora  155 k
 libicu                       x86_64  56.1-4.fc25                 fedora  8.3 M
 libidn                       i686    1.32-2.fc24                 fedora  233 k
 libidn                       x86_64  1.32-2.fc24                 fedora  232 k
 libipt                       x86_64  1.4.4-2.fc24                fedora   38 k
 libksba                      x86_64  1.3.3-3.fc24                fedora  128 k
 libmetalink                  x86_64  0.1.2-9.fc24                fedora   29 k
 libmount                     i686    2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  198 k
 libmount                     x86_64  2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  196 k
 libmpc                       i686    1.0.2-5.fc24                fedora   56 k
 libmpc                       x86_64  1.0.2-5.fc24                fedora   54 k
 libmpx                       i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora   24 k
 libnghttp2                   x86_64  1.8.0-1.fc25                fedora   67 k
 libpsl                       x86_64  0.12.0-2.fc24               fedora   45 k
 libpwquality                 x86_64  1.3.0-4.fc24                fedora   93 k
 libseccomp                   i686    2.2.3-0.fc23                fedora   53 k
 libseccomp                   x86_64  2.2.3-0.fc23                fedora   54 k
 libsecret                    x86_64  0.18.4-2.fc24               fedora  155 k
 libselinux                   i686    2.5-2.fc25                  fedora  163 k
 libselinux                   x86_64  2.5-2.fc25                  fedora  162 k
 libsemanage                  x86_64  2.5-2.fc25                  fedora  147 k
 libsepol                     i686    2.5-2.fc25                  fedora  294 k
 libsepol                     x86_64  2.5-2.fc25                  fedora  290 k
 libsmartcols                 i686    2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  141 k
 libsmartcols                 x86_64  2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora  139 k
 libssh2                      x86_64  1.7.0-3.fc24                fedora  151 k
 libstdc++                    i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  451 k
 libstdc++                    x86_64  6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  419 k
 libstdc++-devel              x86_64  6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  1.8 M
 libtasn1                     x86_64  4.7-2.fc24                  fedora  326 k
 libtool-ltdl                 x86_64  2.4.6-10.fc24               fedora   55 k
 libubsan                     i686    6.0.0-0.13.fc25             fedora  127 k
 libunistring                 x86_64  0.9.4-3.fc24                fedora  316 k
 libuser                      i686    0.62-3.fc24                 fedora  397 k
 libuser                      x86_64  0.62-3.fc24                 fedora  397 k
 libutempter                  i686    1.1.6-8.fc24                fedora   30 k
 libutempter                  x86_64  1.1.6-8.fc24                fedora   30 k
 libuuid                      i686    2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora   80 k
 libuuid                      x86_64  2.27.1-5.fc24               fedora   79 k
 libverto                     x86_64  0.2.6-6.fc24                fedora   21 k
 libxml2                      x86_64  2.9.3-3.fc24                fedora  686 k
 lua                          x86_64  5.3.2-3.fc24                fedora  293 k
 lz4                          i686    r131-2.fc24                 fedora   86 k
 lz4                          x86_64  r131-2.fc24                 fedora   84 k
 lzo                          x86_64  2.08-8.fc24                 fedora   66 k
 mpfr                         i686    3.1.3-4.fc24                fedora  218 k
 mpfr                         x86_64  3.1.3-4.fc24                fedora  214 k
 ncurses                      x86_64  6.0-4.20160116.fc24         fedora  339 k
 ncurses-base                 noarch  6.0-4.20160116.fc24         fedora   77 k
 ncurses-libs                 i686    6.0-4.20160116.fc24         fedora  332 k
 ncurses-libs                 x86_64  6.0-4.20160116.fc24         fedora  322 k
 nettle                       x86_64  3.2-2.fc24                  fedora  305 k
 npth                         x86_64  1.2-3.fc24                  fedora   24 k
 nspr                         i686    4.12.0-1.fc24               fedora  139 k
 nspr                         x86_64  4.12.0-1.fc24               fedora  135 k
 nss                          i686    3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  873 k
 nss                          x86_64  3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  860 k
 nss-softokn                  i686    3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  332 k
 nss-softokn                  x86_64  3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  316 k
 nss-softokn-freebl           i686    3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  195 k
 nss-softokn-freebl           x86_64  3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  207 k
 nss-sysinit                  x86_64  3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora   56 k
 nss-tools                    x86_64  3.22.2-2.fc25               fedora  495 k
 nss-util                     i686    3.22.2-2.1.fc25             fedora   82 k
 nss-util                     x86_64  3.22.2-2.1.fc25             fedora   82 k
 ocaml-srpm-macros            noarch  2-4.fc24                    fedora  8.0 k
 openldap                     i686    2.4.43-2.fc24               fedora  348 k
 openldap                     x86_64  2.4.43-2.fc24               fedora  343 k
 openssl-libs                 x86_64  1:1.0.2f-2.fc24             fedora  1.2 M
 p11-kit                      x86_64  0.23.2-2.fc24               fedora  150 k
 p11-kit-trust                x86_64  0.23.2-2.fc24               fedora  130 k
 pam                          i686    1.2.1-5.fc24                fedora  734 k
 pam                          x86_64  1.2.1-5.fc24                fedora  725 k
 pcre                         i686    8.38-7.fc24                 fedora  516 k
 pcre                         x86_64  8.38-7.fc24                 fedora  509 k
 perl                         x86_64  4:5.22.1-356.fc24           fedora  5.9 M
 perl-Carp                    noarch  1.38-2.fc24                 fedora   28 k
 perl-Errno                   x86_64  1.23-356.fc24               fedora   62 k
 perl-Exporter                noarch  5.72-349.fc24               fedora   33 k
 perl-Fedora-VSP              noarch  0.001-2.fc24                fedora   23 k
 perl-File-Path               noarch  2.12-2.fc24                 fedora   34 k
 perl-IO                      x86_64  1.35-356.fc24               fedora  127 k
 perl-PathTools               x86_64  3.62-2.fc24                 fedora   88 k
 perl-Scalar-List-Utils       x86_64  2:1.43-1.fc24               fedora   62 k
 perl-Socket                  x86_64  3:2.021-2.fc24              fedora   55 k
 perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap          noarch  2013.0523-347.fc24          fedora   23 k
 perl-Unicode-Normalize       x86_64  1.25-2.fc24                 fedora   80 k
 perl-constant                noarch  1.33-348.fc24               fedora   24 k
 perl-generators              noarch  1.07-3.fc24                 fedora   16 k
 perl-libs                    x86_64  4:5.22.1-356.fc24           fedora  1.4 M
 perl-macros                  x86_64  4:5.22.1-356.fc24           fedora   58 k
 perl-parent                  noarch  1:0.234-4.fc24              fedora   18 k
 perl-srpm-macros             noarch  1-18.fc24                   fedora  9.8 k
 perl-threads                 x86_64  1:2.02-3.fc24               fedora   58 k
 perl-threads-shared          x86_64  1.48-347.fc24               fedora   44 k
 pinentry                     x86_64  0.9.7-2.fc24                fedora   82 k
 pkgconfig                    x86_64  1:0.29-2.fc24               fedora   63 k
 popt                         i686    1.16-7.fc24                 fedora   60 k
 popt                         x86_64  1.16-7.fc24                 fedora   59 k
 python-srpm-macros           noarch  3-7.fc24                    fedora  8.1 k
 readline                     x86_64  6.3-8.fc24                  fedora  202 k
 rpm                          x86_64  4.13.0-0.rc1.26.fc25        fedora  512 k
 rpm-build-libs               x86_64  4.13.0-0.rc1.26.fc25        fedora  116 k
 rpm-libs                     x86_64  4.13.0-0.rc1.26.fc25        fedora  294 k
 rpm-plugin-selinux           x86_64  4.13.0-0.rc1.26.fc25        fedora   53 k
 setup                        noarch  2.10.1-1.fc24               fedora  172 k
 shared-mime-info             x86_64  1.6-1.fc24                  fedora  302 k
 sqlite-libs                  i686    3.11.0-2.fc24               fedora  467 k
 sqlite-libs                  x86_64  3.11.0-2.fc24               fedora  452 k
 system-python-libs           x86_64  3.5.1-6.fc25                fedora  5.2 M
 systemd-libs                 i686    229-3.fc24                  fedora  520 k
 systemd-libs                 x86_64  229-3.fc24                  fedora  495 k
 tzdata                       noarch  2016a-1.fc24                fedora  409 k
 ustr                         x86_64  1.0.4-21.fc24               fedora   97 k
 xz-libs                      i686    5.2.2-2.fc24                fedora   98 k
 xz-libs                      x86_64  5.2.2-2.fc24                fedora   91 k
 zip                          x86_64  3.0-16.fc24                 fedora  272 k
 zlib                         i686    1.2.8-10.fc24               fedora   98 k
 zlib                         x86_64  1.2.8-10.fc24               fedora   95 k

Transaction Summary
Install     231 Packages

Total size: 176 M
Total download size: 119 M
Installed size: 530 M
Downloading Packages:
Total                                           2.7 MB/s | 119 MB     00:44     
Running Transaction Check
Running Transaction Test

Transaction Check Error:
  file /usr/libexec/getconf/default conflicts between attempted installs of gcc-6.0.0-0.13.fc25.i686 and gcc-6.0.0-0.13.fc25.x86_64

Error Summary

+ cat /var/lib/jenkins/pkg-dist/heuler/x2goclient/fedora/rawhide/rpmbuild/SRPMS/build.log
Mock Version: 1.1.33
Mock Version: 1.1.33
Mock Version: 1.1.33
Mock Version: 1.1.33
+ exit 1
+ cleanup
+ '[' -n /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd ']'
+ '[' -e /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd ']'
+ case "${TMP_MOCK_CFG_DIR}" in
+ typeset file=
+ for file in '"${TMP_MOCK_CFG_DIR}/"*'
+ '[' '!' -f /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd/fedora-rawhide-x86_64-x2go-nightly-full.LhdKM059BWbi98tU9TSuqREA.cfg ']'
+ rm -- /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd/fedora-rawhide-x86_64-x2go-nightly-full.LhdKM059BWbi98tU9TSuqREA.cfg
+ '[' -e /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd ']'
+ '[' -d /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd ']'
+ rmdir -- /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/x2go-mock-wCj2NBlEf85DxDzSfqS6qLVd
+ typeset temp_dir=
+ for temp_dir in '"${temp_cleanup[@]}"'
+ '[' -n /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/tmp.8ElPYADoJKWNBIooy2maMc5m ']'
+ '[' -d /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/tmp.8ElPYADoJKWNBIooy2maMc5m ']'
+ rm -Rf -- /var/lib/jenkins/tmp/tmp.8ElPYADoJKWNBIooy2maMc5m
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

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