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in repository python-x2go.

      from  eb2f3b2   release
      adds  65d661a   happy new year
      adds  24836a9   Merge branch 'release/0.4.0.x'
      adds  9557481   Don't parse default values to ConfigParser constructor when initializing an INI file.
      adds  023800e   don't raise an exception if tf-auth is requested
      adds  c583edc   typo fix
      adds  9f1bd9b   Return color depth on MS Windows machines.
      adds  e3ce176   Merge branch 'release/0.4.0.x'
      adds  167ec13   Split up session profile backend into generic and storage specific parts.
      adds  2cef942   debian/changelog: typo
      adds  ca7464b   happy new year
      adds  7815d13   Don't parse default values to ConfigParser constructor when initializing an INI file.
      adds  a328215   bump version to
      adds  1ea5f92   Fully rework backend concept in Python X2Go. Breaks compatibility with earlier versions of Python X2Go concerning backends (probably not really used by third-party products, if at all).
      adds  bb4b79e   don't raise an exception if tf-auth is requested
      adds  a764584   provide BACKENDS in main module
      adds  49650d9   typo fix
      adds  a423bfe   Fix setting default values in X2GoClientXConfig class.
      adds  4ba8ae7   Return color depth on MS Windows machines.
      adds  a08fa96   release
      adds  26ad1cd   Merge branch 'brokerclient'
      adds  6b2929a   Preserve class-wide control session options (like add_to_known_hosts, forward_sshagent, etc.). Thanks to Dick Kniep for reporting this.
      adds  9fc8c3e   fix _get_profile_parameter() in profile backend's base.py file
      adds  3088eda   some code beautifications
      adds  86d185a   Default to xdg-open as default PDF viewer command.
      adds  f5f6f6d   Provide session profile backend for a http broker.
      adds  41395ef   debian/control: Add dependencies: python-requests, python-simplejson.
      adds  921ee10   python-x2go.spec: Add dependencies: python-requests, python-simplejson.
      adds  0ac8563   fix changelog entry
      adds  580cb0e   X2GoSessionProfile.get_server_hostname must return unicode objects.
      adds  5eea83a   fix method name
      adds  80e2752   fix for last commit
      adds  66cecf3   Speed-optimize session profile ID <-> name mapping.
      adds  3259daf   another one: optimize session profile option retrieval
      adds  ce97f34   Handle injection of PKey (Paramiko SSH key) objects for authentication from the broker session profiles backend.
      adds  66e96d2   fix profile COPYing and hostname changes
      adds  2cc0568   Allow catching "connection refused" errors while talking to an X2Go Session Broker (X2GoBrokerConnectionException).
      adds  7b061bf   Support cookie based authentication against a http(s) session broker.
      adds  6bdf737   On Windows: Improve debugging when a new X-Server port has to be allocated.
      adds  857f5f3   Capture broker connection problems during selectsession calls to the broker via a HOOK method.
      adds  b462004   httpbroker: fix handling of session profile ID/name cache
      adds  db36b70   Allow user interaction via a HOOK if broker connection problems occur.
      adds  275bea4   fix some HOOKs' __doc__ strings
      adds  7686e68   Handle broker setups that don't require credentials. Connection can be established simply by leaving the password (and authid) empty.
      adds  6f43617   typo fix
      adds  5bf0169   no xconfig_config_file on non-Windows systems
      adds  8204e4b   Fix detection of matching path names in X2GoIniFiles.
      adds  e630ea6   Make sure X2GoClientXConfig config file really gets written to disk (after we changed the internas of X2GoIniFile for this new major release).
      adds  db061d8   return from X2GoClientXConfig.write() method
      adds  e58cebf   Rename hook method HOOK_no_known_xserver_found to HOOK_no_installed_xservers_found. Call this new hook if no installed X-Servers could be found on the system.
      adds  3138ba4   typo fix in log message
      adds  c462c9a   Only check running X-Servers that have the same WMI SessionId as the current X2Go application.
      adds  b4f2297   typo fix
      adds  634988e   Session profiles: default value type for exports session profile option is an empty dictionary.
      adds  f4e64e8   Make X2GoClient's constructor aware of non-usable X-Server ports.
      adds  9f2d9ec   Windows: Fix crash while attempting to find the session window.
      adds  9eb874f   fix for last commit
      adds  d143c72   Support SSH proxy autologin feature of X2Go Session Broker.
      adds  e30e1bb   Provide Telekinesis support in Python X2Go.
      adds  b84b608   Stop manipulating session profiles in X2GoSshProxy class. Esp. stop manipulating session profiles with deprecated session options.
      adds  6d4119c   Type-hardening of X2GoSshProxy class. Accept hosts as list and strings. If hosts are given as a list, a random list element will be taken as host (for connecting and for the SSH proxy tunnel setup).
      adds  77d0d0c   follow-up commit for last commit
      adds  5c0d29d   Don't construct the sshproxy_tunnel parameter in x2go/utils.py. Leave that to higher level classes that know more about X2Go internals.
      adds  4c4e2f9   Type-hardening of X2GoControlSession class's C{connect()} method. Handle hostnames that come in as lists gracefully.
      adds  70f0136   Add support for a subsystem string when setting up port forwarding tunnels.
      adds  9701d66   Use gevent to spawn the TeKi client start-up process (instead of waiting for it to return).
      adds  e113954   make telekinesis-client support more robust
      adds  555eaa3   fix __doc__ string
      adds  fbc6745   fix __doc__ string
      adds  50c0bdd   Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard.
      adds  3f2b693   improve debugging of SFTP server authentication
      adds  645f105   typo fix in log msg
      adds  fe68c91   raise sleep period of proxy backend
      adds  0184629   Split up NX output and NX errors into two separate files.
      adds  fc9a84a   changelog entry for last commit
      adds  38d492c   Silent ignore it if we cannot detect the local Xlib.display.Display() instance (happens with polyinstantiated /tmp dirs).
      adds  5c63c6b   Revert "Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard."
      adds  74792e6   Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard. (Fixes: #508).
      adds  8883680   Revert "Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard. (Fixes: #508)."
      adds  08ff742   Provide support for new session parameter: clipboard. (Fixes: #508).
      adds  2529d5c   Don't start telekinesis client if not support server-side. Don't attempt at starting telekinesis client, if it is not installed.
      adds  754bf16   Disallow server-side users to override X2Go Server commands via ~/bin (or similar). (Fixes: #334).
      adds  9b48f6f   Handle non-available color depth in X2Go session name gracefully. (Fixes: #358).
      adds  5284ca2   Suspend/terminate terminal session instance first, before sending the x2gosuspend-session/x2goterminate-session command to the X2Go Server.
      adds  cb8f176   Revert "Suspend/terminate terminal session instance first, before sending the x2gosuspend-session/x2goterminate-session command to the X2Go Server."
      adds  61de9d7   Make sure that the x2gosuspend-session/x2goterminate-session commands are sent to the X2Go Server before we take down the NX proxy subprocess.
      adds  ce50d23   Create a "session.window" file in the session directory. This file for now contains one line "ID:<window-id>". The file appears once a session window comes up (start/resume), and disappears once the session window closes (suspend/terminate).
      adds  a9caabf   Only enable Telekinesis client debugging if the logger instance is in debug mode.
      adds  dd92083   Performance tests have shown, that enabling SSH compression is not a good idea. NX should handle that instead (and does).
      adds  894917e   Better control the startup bootstrap of the Telekinesis client subsystem.
      adds  16814f4   remove debug code from forward.py
      adds  cea41b3   Newly understand our own Paramiko/SSH forwarding tunnel code. Become aware of handling multiple connects on the same tunnel.
      adds  0d155fe   take down telekinesis before taking down nxproxy when sessions suspend/terminate
      adds  2aa779e   use x2gostartagent / x2goresume-session to pass-through the clipboard parameter (requires X2Go Server or higher)
      adds  2f57967   start becoming aware of ECDSA keys
      adds  166607d   Windows: Fix compatibility with PulseAudio 3.0 & later (Fixes: #532)
      adds  8d8f2a3   use VcXsrv-xp- when run in development mode
      adds  837a73c   Windows: On XP & Server 2003 (R2), prevent high PulseAudio CPU usage by lowering its CPU priority to "normal" (Fixes: #537)
      adds  d68f163   make the TeKi client startup once more more robust...
      adds  74c5b68   Rename LICENSE.txt to COPYING.
      adds  c09f73a   Be more exact when detecting the NX proxy window id.
      adds  454659b   Enforce usage of the "ares" DNS resolver in python-gevent (which is available since Python gevent 1.0~). (Fixes: #588).
      adds  54fddb2   On non-Windows platforms, enforce usage of the "ares" DNS resolver in python-gevent (which is available since Python gevent 1.0~). (Fixes: #588).
      adds  56dd121   fix for last commit
      adds  b1292aa   Use Xlib to detect client-side destop geometry.
      adds  b950f16   fix __doc__ string for last commit
      adds  64ff151   For reverse port forwardings use IPv4 localhost address only.
      adds  d5fcb46   Assure proper Telekinesis client cleanup when sessions suspends/terminates.
      adds  a40d73f   Clean up terminal sessions properly when the clean_sessions() method of the control session has got called.
      adds  6f0f1ae   don't mention in __doc__ string what TeKi applications exist
      adds  b801156   Assure proper NX Proxy cleanup when sessions suspends/terminates.
      adds  5392d3c   Don't use compression on  TeKi sshfs mounts.
      adds  f308782   test if DISPLAY is accessible before detecting the local desktop geometry
      adds  7cb2ca7   Handle duplicate profile names gracefully (i.e. append a " (1)", " (2)", ... to the session profile name). (Fixes: #500).
      adds  2ff5f60   Support server-side Telekinesis versions that ship their own (teki-)sftpserver.
      adds  f6b226d   typo fix for last commit
      adds  05643fc   Use session_name, not session_info object's __str__() method to obtain session name (in X2GoTelekinesis).
      adds  e5a44d5   Handle socket errors on the reverse port forwarding tunnels more gracefully.
      adds  5c8d005   Handle sudden control session death during local folder sharing
      adds  e6145a1   rebase
      adds  0a4c773   Don't choke on non-initialized SSH transport objects when initializing SFTP client.
      adds  e3f748b   fix faulty loglevel
      adds  f5e9380   be more verbose on socket errors in rforward.py
      adds  920d12e   Fix transport lock release in X2GoControlSession._x2go_sftp_put().
      adds  9fd867a   more work on transport lock release
      adds  457dcb6   Fix session lock release in various methods of the X2GoSession class.
      adds  32f828f   Release _share_local_folder_lock on instance X2GoTerminalSession destruction.
      adds  02531f1   Detect non-installed sshfs (required for Telekinesis).
      adds  efe7226   X2GoTelekinesis class: initial properties during instantiation
      adds  9e05ee5   X2GoControlSession: Don't mess with the associated_terminals dict if the control session has already died away (i.e. been forcefully disconnect).
      adds  4661991   improve log message
      adds  9fbb26f   If the listsessions command detects a terminated or suspended session, we have to destroy the corresponding X2GoTerminalSession() to trigger a proper cleanup of that instance.
      adds  7ba06fa   python-x2go.spec: Additionally adapt to building on openSUSE/SLES.
      adds  286ae13   python-x2go.spec: typo
      adds  7f0888c   python-x2go.spec: some rpmlint sedatives...
      adds  de52983   python-x2go.spec: fix bad %if condition
      adds  bf1fb49   python-x2go.spec: Avoid duplicate files in openSUSE/SLES.
      adds  c58c211   Add all python packages under R to BR (for epydoc run).
      adds  191b92e   Fix various hrefs in __doc__ strings.
      adds  a0d270f   Fix creating/renaming/reconfiguring session profiles. Handle host option properly (as list).
      adds  af9972a   Make sure we do a deepcopy of the default session profile parameters.
      adds  d3273c0   debian/control / python-x2go.spec: Update D (python-x2go): python-paramiko (>= 1.15.1-0~). Update R for python-x2go: python-paramiko >= 1.15.1. (Fixes: #602).
       new  2fc8ab6   Detect more exceptions in the requests module when authenticating against a session broker.
       new  d90c4b1   Only convert the value of the export session profile option if not already a Python dictionary.
       new  81b9089   indentation fix
       new  0874534   Capture X2GoControlSessionException occurrences during client-side folder sharing initializaation while starting/resuming a session.
       new  712582c   formalistic clean-up using pyflakes
       new  65f298a   fix for d90c4b182
       new  1ad9c40   X2GoSessionRegistry: Don't report about sessions that have a not yet fully assigned session name / profile name / profile id.
       new  7757563   release

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 LICENSE.txt => COPYING                             |    0
 debian/changelog                                   |  159 ++++
 debian/control                                     |   12 +-
 examples/x2go_resume_session.py                    |    3 +-
 examples/x2go_start_session.py                     |    1 -
 .../x2go_start_session_with_progress_status.py     |    1 -
 python-x2go.spec                                   |   24 +-
 setup.py                                           |    3 +
 x2go/__init__.py                                   |   17 +-
 x2go/_paramiko.py                                  |    3 +-
 x2go/backends/control/__init__.py                  |    6 -
 x2go/backends/control/{_stdout.py => plain.py}     |  249 ++++---
 x2go/backends/info/__init__.py                     |    9 -
 x2go/backends/info/{_stdout.py => plain.py}        |   49 +-
 x2go/backends/printing/__init__.py                 |    9 -
 x2go/backends/printing/{_file.py => file.py}       |   11 +-
 x2go/backends/printing/{_gconf.py => gconf.py}     |   18 +-
 x2go/backends/printing/{_winreg.py => winreg.py}   |   20 +-
 x2go/backends/profiles/__init__.py                 |    9 -
 x2go/backends/profiles/_file.py                    |  493 -------------
 x2go/backends/profiles/base.py                     |  778 ++++++++++++++++++++
 x2go/backends/profiles/file.py                     |  132 ++++
 x2go/backends/profiles/{_gconf.py => gconf.py}     |   14 +-
 x2go/backends/profiles/httpbroker.py               |  338 +++++++++
 .../profiles/{_httpsbroker.py => sshbroker.py}     |   19 +-
 x2go/backends/profiles/{_winreg.py => winreg.py}   |   11 +-
 x2go/backends/proxy/__init__.py                    |    6 -
 x2go/backends/proxy/base.py                        |   41 +-
 x2go/backends/proxy/{_nx3.py => nx3.py}            |   22 +-
 x2go/backends/settings/__init__.py                 |    9 -
 x2go/backends/settings/{_file.py => file.py}       |   14 +-
 x2go/backends/settings/{_gconf.py => gconf.py}     |   19 +-
 x2go/backends/settings/{_winreg.py => winreg.py}   |   14 +-
 x2go/backends/terminal/__init__.py                 |    6 -
 x2go/backends/terminal/{_stdout.py => plain.py}    |  127 +++-
 x2go/cache.py                                      |    6 +-
 x2go/checkhosts.py                                 |    2 +-
 x2go/client.py                                     |  305 ++++----
 x2go/defaults.py                                   |  108 ++-
 x2go/forward.py                                    |   56 +-
 x2go/inifiles.py                                   |   33 +-
 x2go/printactions.py                               |    4 +-
 x2go/printqueue.py                                 |   15 +-
 x2go/pulseaudio.py                                 |   20 +-
 x2go/registry.py                                   |   66 +-
 x2go/rforward.py                                   |   29 +-
 x2go/session.py                                    |  183 +++--
 x2go/sftpserver.py                                 |    6 +-
 x2go/sshproxy.py                                   |   30 +-
 x2go/telekinesis.py                                |  407 ++++++++++
 x2go/utils.py                                      |  161 +++-
 x2go/x2go_exceptions.py                            |    4 +-
 x2go/xserver.py                                    |   34 +-
 53 files changed, 2893 insertions(+), 1222 deletions(-)
 rename LICENSE.txt => COPYING (100%)
 rename x2go/backends/control/{_stdout.py => plain.py} (89%)
 rename x2go/backends/info/{_stdout.py => plain.py} (89%)
 rename x2go/backends/printing/{_file.py => file.py} (95%)
 rename x2go/backends/printing/{_gconf.py => gconf.py} (81%)
 rename x2go/backends/printing/{_winreg.py => winreg.py} (79%)
 delete mode 100644 x2go/backends/profiles/_file.py
 create mode 100644 x2go/backends/profiles/base.py
 create mode 100644 x2go/backends/profiles/file.py
 rename x2go/backends/profiles/{_gconf.py => gconf.py} (84%)
 create mode 100644 x2go/backends/profiles/httpbroker.py
 rename x2go/backends/profiles/{_httpsbroker.py => sshbroker.py} (75%)
 rename x2go/backends/profiles/{_winreg.py => winreg.py} (90%)
 rename x2go/backends/proxy/{_nx3.py => nx3.py} (88%)
 rename x2go/backends/settings/{_file.py => file.py} (77%)
 rename x2go/backends/settings/{_gconf.py => gconf.py} (68%)
 rename x2go/backends/settings/{_winreg.py => winreg.py} (77%)
 rename x2go/backends/terminal/{_stdout.py => plain.py} (92%)
 create mode 100644 x2go/telekinesis.py

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