[X2Go-Commits] python-x2go.git - twofactorauth (branch) updated:

X2Go dev team git-admin at x2go.org
Sat Sep 14 15:57:32 CEST 2013

The branch, twofactorauth has been updated
       via  144f7a489ea5aefcb13aca8a619438f329da3a66 (commit)
      from  3799cc549bc8120a72abe73b2fcdfd6971f0c73c (commit)

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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Summary of changes:
 x2go/backends/terminal/_stdout.py |   58 ++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 1 file changed, 29 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)

The diff of changes is:
diff --git a/x2go/backends/terminal/_stdout.py b/x2go/backends/terminal/_stdout.py
index 60e1b92..ce80d32 100644
--- a/x2go/backends/terminal/_stdout.py
+++ b/x2go/backends/terminal/_stdout.py
@@ -208,35 +208,35 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         @param geometry: screen geometry of the X2Go session. Can be either C{<width>x<height>}
             or C{fullscreen}
-        @type geometry: str
+        @type geometry: C{str}
         @param depth: color depth in bits (common values: C{16}, C{24})
-        @type depth: int
+        @type depth: C{int}
         @param link: network link quality (either one of C{modem}, C{isdn}, C{adsl}, C{wan} or C{lan})
-        @type link: str
+        @type link: C{str}
         @param pack: compression method for NX based session proxying
-        @type pack: str
+        @type pack: C{str}
         @param dpi: dots-per-inch value for the session screen (has an impact on the font size on screen)
-        @type dpi: str
+        @type dpi: C{str}
         @param cache_type: a dummy parameter that is passed to the L{X2goProxyBASE}. In NX Proxy 
             (class C{X2goProxyNX3}) this originally is the session name. With X2Go it 
             defines the name of the NX cache directory. Best is to leave it untouched.
-        @type cache_type: str
+        @type cache_type: C{str}
         @param kbtype: keyboard type, e.g. C{pc105/us} (default), C{pc105/de}, ...
-        @type kbtype: str
+        @type kbtype: C{str}
         @param kblayout: keyboard layout, e.g. C{us} (default), C{de}, C{fr}, ...
-        @type kblayout: str
+        @type kblayout: C{str}
         @param kbvariant: keyboard variant, e.g. C{nodeadkeys} (for C{de} layout), C{intl} (for C{us} layout), etc.
-        @type kbvariant: str
+        @type kbvariant: C{str}
         @param session_type: either C{desktop}, C{application} (rootless session) or C{shared}
-        @type session_type: str
+        @type session_type: C{str}
         @param snd_system: sound system to be used on server (C{none}, C{pulse} (default), 
             C{arts} (obsolete) or C{esd})
-        @type snd_system: str
+        @type snd_system: C{str}
         @param cmd: command to be run on X2Go server after session start (only used
             when L{X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.start()} is called, ignored on resume, suspend etc.
-        @type cmd: str
+        @type cmd: C{str}
         @param rootdir: X2Go session directory, normally C{~/.x2go}
-        @type rootdir: str
+        @type rootdir: C{str}
         @param info_backend: backend for handling storage of server session information
         @type info_backend: C{X2goServerSessionInfo*} instance
         @param list_backend: backend for handling storage of session list information
@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         @type proxy_backend: C{X2goProxy*} instance
         @param print_action: either a print action short name (PDFVIEW, PDFSAVE, PRINT, PRINTCMD) or the
             resp. C{X2goPrintActionXXX} class (where XXX equals one of the given short names)
-        @type print_action: str or class
+        @type print_action: C{str} or C{class}
         @param print_action_args: optional arguments for a given print_action (for further info refer to
             L{X2goPrintActionPDFVIEW}, L{X2goPrintActionPDFSAVE}, L{X2goPrintActionPRINT} and L{X2goPrintActionPRINTCMD})
         @type print_action_args: dict
@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         @type logger: L{X2goLogger} instance
         @param loglevel: if no L{X2goLogger} object has been supplied a new one will be
             constructed with the given loglevel
-        @type loglevel: int
+        @type loglevel: C{int}
         self.proxy = None
@@ -658,13 +658,13 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         @param local_path: the full path to an existing folder on the local 
             file system
-        @type local_path: str
+        @type local_path: C{str}
         @param folder_type: one of 'disk' (a folder on your local hard drive), 'rm' (removeable device), 
             'cdrom' (CD/DVD Rom) or 'spool' (for X2Go print spooling)
-        @type folder_type: str
+        @type folder_type: C{str}
         @return: returns C{True} if the local folder has been successfully mounted within the X2Go server session
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         if not self.control_session.is_sshfs_available():
@@ -776,7 +776,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         Unshare all local folders mount in the X2Go session.
         @return: returns C{True} if all local folders could be successfully unmounted from the X2Go server session
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         self.logger('unsharing all local folders from session %s' % self.session_info, log.loglevel_INFO)
@@ -799,7 +799,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         Unshare local folder given as <local_path> from X2Go session.
         @return: returns C{True} if the local folder <local_path> could be successfully unmounted from the X2Go server session
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         self.logger('unsharing local folder from session %s' % self.session_info, log.loglevel_INFO)
@@ -978,11 +978,11 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         within the current X2Go session.
         @param cmd: Command to be run
-        @type cmd: str
+        @type cmd: C{str}
         @return: stdout.read() and stderr.read() as returned by the run command
             on the X2Go server
-        @rtype: tuple of str
+        @rtype: C{tuple} of C{str}
         if not self.has_command(_rewrite_cmd(self.params.cmd, params=self.params)):
@@ -1132,7 +1132,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         C{False} else
         @return: X2Go session OK?
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         _ok = bool(self.session_info.name and self.proxy.ok())
@@ -1144,7 +1144,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         C{False} else.
         @return: X2Go session running?
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         return self.session_info.is_running()
@@ -1155,7 +1155,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         C{False} else.
         @return: X2Go session suspended?
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         return self.session_info.is_suspended()
@@ -1166,7 +1166,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         connected/authenticated, C{False} else.
         @return: X2Go session connected?
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         return self.control_session.is_connected()
@@ -1270,7 +1270,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         that can be passed to the class constructor.
         @return: True if the session could be successfully resumed
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         setkbd = "0"
@@ -1353,7 +1353,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         Suspend this X2Go session terminal.
         @return: True if the session terminal could be successfully suspended
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
@@ -1369,7 +1369,7 @@ class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT(object):
         Terminate this X2Go session.
         @return: True if the session terminal could be successfully terminate
-        @rtype: bool
+        @rtype: C{bool}
         self.control_session.terminate(session_name=self.session_info.name, destroy_terminals=False)

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