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  :!: Versions prior to may have problems connecting to x2goserver if an antivirus product is installed on the client (even if it is disabled/inactive). If you cannot use or later, try using [[http://code.x2go.org/releases/binary-win32/x2goclient/pre-git/x2goclient-3.01-13-setup.exe|version 3.01-13]].
  :!: The Windows installer is based on Nullsoft and thus can be called with "/S" (case-sensitive) to perform a silent
- ===== MacOS X =====
- [[http://code.x2go.org/releases/binary-macosx/x2goclient | Download X2Go for MacOS X™]]
  ===== Ubuntu / Debain =====
  ==== Quick ====

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