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 Package     Ref    Subject

(unknown) (17 Bugs):    400  Feature request: SSH proxy functionality for RDP sessions (
 bugs.x2go.     94  broken links in report page
 bugs.x2go.    114  debbugs still produces weird mails of the form <package-nam
 bugs.x2go.    181  debbugs regression: bug number appears multiple times in su
 eclipse       291  eclipse: Eclipse crash when i try to open a file
 git.x2go.o     98  Use a IRC bot to inject Git commit messages into #x2go on i
 libnx-x11     269  Xinerama not working on RPM based distros
 src:x2gobr    221  Make hard-coded path /usr/lib/x2go build-configurable via M
 wiki.x2go.    396  StartSSL.com certificate for wiki.x2go.org
 x2go-clien    320  windows client terminating by ctrl+alt+f
 x2goclient    237  No Qt'isms in ~/.x2goclient/sessions
 x2gomatebi    402  Numlock issues
 x2goplugin     58  x2goplugin: after session startup whole local desktop unusa
 x2gothincl    374  Setting keyboard layout in x2gothinclient
 x2gothincl    375  x2gothinclient does not install 686 kernel
 x2gousbmou    228  Mount MTP on thinclients
 x2gousbmou    398  Automounter only mounts first partition of USB media (at le

X2Go Developers <x2go-dev at lists.berlios.de> (196 Bugs):
 cups-x2go     298  cups-x2go does not have copyright file
 cups-x2go     299  No documentation in cups-x2go
 libpam-x2g    196  Make tests optional
 libxcomp3     339  nxcomp: Android patch
 libxcomp3     341  update of nxproxy fails
 nx-libs        84  DESTDIR and OPTFLAGS patches for nx-libs
 nx-libs       113  X11TransWritev in libNX_X11.so.6 causes VLC crash
 nx-libs       205  Patch for fix cairo issue
 nx-libs       233  X2goserver Segmenation fault
 nx-libs       271  nx- breaks FreeNX on RPM based system
 nx-libs       411  Fix ppc64 build
 nx-libs       412  imake issues
 nx-libs       423  FIx more -Werror=format-security errors
 nx-libs (n    410  Segfault of _X11TransWritev in libNX_X11.so.6 with libQtGui
 nxagent       123  X2Go Server RPM packages fail to install on RHEL & co.
 nxagent       150  Cinnamon desktop requires GLX extensions > v6
 nxagent       367  wine does not start within x2goclient: Application tried to
 nxagent       417  Two screens, wrong screen used for limits of positioning co
 nxagent       418  Not all windows recover upon resume (single application/ter
 pinentry-x    303  Fix FSF address
 pyhoca-gui     19  Windows version of PyHoca-GUI: test with MS terminal server
 pyhoca-gui    193  No feedback to the user is sent
 pyhoca-gui    203  X2Go session not resumable after connection got disrupted
 pyhoca-gui    206  When a user ends pyhoca-gui, the session cannot be resumed
 pyhoca-gui    318  Mounts fail on Windows 8
 pyhoca-gui    319  PyHoca-GUI does not migrate session profiles properly (0.0.
 pyhoca-gui    383  pyhoca-gui doesn't load on Windows7 64bits
 pyhoca-gui    394  Clicking on pyhoca-gui icon in tray gets a random "No handl
 python-x2g    190  debug-sftpxfer creates operation not permitted
 python-x2g    191  debug-sftpxfer creates operation not permitted
 python-x2g    324  Enable TCP socket in Pulseaudio daemon before starting up s
 python-x2g    325  Enable TCP socket in Pulseaudio daemon before starting up s
 python-x2g    326  Enable TCP socket in Pulseaudio daemon before starting up s
 python-x2g    334  Don't allow users to override X2Go commands via ~/bin (or s
 python-x2g    358  Fwd: [Bug 1040072] New: [abrt] pyhoca-gui- s
 python-x2g    392  Wishlist for USB support in unity greeter
 x2goadminc    359  Desktop/Startmenu icon for X2Go Admin Center
 x2goagent      40  xkeyboard-config 2.6.0 might break NX keyboard layout
 x2goagent      49  Xinerama patch in nx-libs maybe breaks wine1.4
 x2goagent      62  GTK(?)-Issues in Debian Testing/Wheezy
 x2goagent      63  Current Cairo test suite segfaults x2goagent
 x2goagent      78  NX_xrandr lacks support from Xrandr 1.2 and higher
 x2goagent     129  X Error: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource deni
 x2goagent     259  Cannot log in on Centos 6.4 without Xorg running
 x2goagent     262  Color issue with some programs GUI when used with X2GO (ok 
 x2goagent     393  Improvements for RPM package (Xinerama support)
 x2goagent     399  wrong keyboard layout due to missing xkb rules file
 x2gobroker    135  Make X2Go Session Broker for Ubuntu lucid
 x2gobroker    153  Provide SSH brokerage functionality in x2gobroker.git
 x2gobroker    217  x2gobroker: better debugging af x2gobroker-agent calls
 x2gobroker    275  x2gobroker-wsgi: logrotate incorrectly configured
 x2gobroker    280  Query server-side desktop session list through x2gobroker-a
 x2gobroker    306  broker (daemon mode) crashes when there is a problem execut
 x2gobroker    360  Make inifile broker backend the default
 x2gobroker    361  Provide a test page in X2Go Session Broker, that allows que
 x2gobroker    379  Provide support for systemd
 x2gobroker    380  Provide support for systemd
 x2goclient     21  DirectRDP: button for ,,terminate session'' actually just s
 x2goclient     25  DirectRDP: make sound configurable through GUI widgets
 x2goclient     26  DirectRDP: make folder sharing configurable through x2gocli
 x2goclient     30  http broker client in X2Go Client: setpass task does not re
 x2goclient     31  X2Go Clients Gr-Tunnel (client-side endpoint) listens on al
 x2goclient     39  x2goclient lacks AppleScript scripting support on Mac OS X
 x2goclient     44  Segmentation Violation in ONMainWindow::slotProxyFinished(
 x2goclient     46  x2goclient almost unreadable font colors for popup help
 x2goclient     52  x2goclient deletes all files in a given directory, possible
 x2goclient     68  X2goclient & OTP
 x2goclient     70  X2Go Client: some of the debug code fails to compile
 x2goclient     77  X2Go Client corrupts Cygwin
 x2goclient     99  x2goclient segmentation fault
 x2goclient    101  x2goclient: resuming "running" session fails
 x2goclient    106  SSH Host Key Validation fails when ECDSA is already known
 x2goclient    108  Missing fonts in X application
 x2goclient    109  x2goclient crash after selecting external X server
 x2goclient    110  No buttons in KDE netbook theme
 x2goclient    112  Mac Os X keyboard bug: NumLockMask always set, keyboard unu
 x2goclient    119  Windows does not open at requested size
 x2goclient    120  RFE: A "use native size" for connect to local desktop optio
 x2goclient    122  x2goclient takes about 30s to detect if application was clo
 x2goclient    125  Bug with Alt Gr keyboard
 x2goclient    128  Bug with Alt Gr keyboard
 x2goclient    138  httpbroker client in X2Go Client does not set content type 
 x2goclient    144  Bluetooth headset switches to low quality profile on applic
 x2goclient    157  x2goclient.app crashes immediately on launch
 x2goclient    159  X2Go Client on Windows leaves SSH processes behind that can
 x2goclient    160  Disable LDAP settings when X2Go Client is in broker mode
 x2goclient    169  Usability: Too easy to start a session by clicking anywhere
 x2goclient    178  X2Go client on Windows reports: Couldn't create pid file "/
 x2goclient    184  missing public SSH key file should throw an error
 x2goclient    186  x2goclient in broker-mode: unhelpful error message
 x2goclient    187  Destroying SshMasterConnection off the main thread leads to
 x2goclient    188  x2go desktop sessions are not properly resized to window si
 x2goclient    195  windows client ignores ssh port
 x2goclient    197  vcxsrv.exe crash
 x2goclient    208  X2goclient on mac
 x2goclient    209  Mac Client crashes on start
 x2goclient    212  x2go doesn't honour ssh (client) configuration
 x2goclient    213  x2go doesn't honour /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts
 x2goclient    215  Fwd: [X2Go-Dev] Google Chrome and chromium-browser both cra
 x2goclient    227  Bug of creating remote file while starting session
 x2goclient    229  x2goclient for windows unable to use https broker-urls
 x2goclient    232  Connecting from fedora, fails to load normal color scheme i
 x2goclient    234  x2goclient on mac without sshd reports error
 x2goclient    235  x2goclient error messages regarding sshd are confusing
 x2goclient    236  x2goclient on mac ignores users language setting
 x2goclient    239  import/export session definitions
 x2goclient    240  X2goclient cannot read hashed entries in known_hosts
 x2goclient    246  taskbar disappears (forward for Debian BTS issue #712670)
 x2goclient    248  Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
 x2goclient    249  Segmentation fault in x2goclient
 x2goclient    252  Tabulator and 'p' keys are not working on Mac OS X
 x2goclient    253  ONMainWindow::closeEvent: If statement depends on uninitial
 x2goclient    258  SECURITY:  x2goclient allows clipboard sniffing
 x2goclient    263  X2Go Client fails to resume
 x2goclient    264  Antialiasing x2go client desktop image - smooth pixels when
 x2goclient    265  x2go client - zoom type for remote screen in session prefer
 x2goclient    266  x2goclient does not handle exporting dirs correctly in brok
 x2goclient    270  xinerama.conf sometimes contains bogus
 x2goclient    282  Use client-side LANG + LC_* settings in server session
 x2goclient    290  SSH key based authentication problems
 x2goclient    297  Pulseaudio doesn't start when there is no audio input devic
 x2goclient    308  Feature addition to support two factor authentication to ss
 x2goclient    317  Mounting of maps on Windows 8 is broken
 x2goclient    322  RDP connection through SSH proxy: Unable to execute: rdeskt
 x2goclient    327  x2go client crashes if .bashrc prints anything
 x2goclient    336  Don't allow users to override X2Go commands via ~/bin (or s
 x2goclient    340  x2go fails under Ubuntu 13.10
 x2goclient    342  Seamless / rootless apps don't resize in KDE/Kwin
 x2goclient    343  Invisible UI components when compositing enabled
 x2goclient    344  X2Go Client does not query ssh-agent for SSH proxy authenti
 x2goclient    349  Make shadow sessions work with --hide option
 x2goclient    352  Numlock in User session
 x2goclient    362  Chromium/chrome still crash VcXsrv when used with X2Go (VcX
 x2goclient    364  Please add config option to disable bubble help text and ch
 x2goclient    365  Please add config option for "Eye Candy" regarding session 
 x2goclient    368  GSSAPI support falls back to SSH key
 x2goclient    369  [X2Go-Dev] Bug#364: Please add config option to disable bub
 x2goclient    373  x2goclient crashes on ending session
 x2goclient    378  Point to XQuartz as extra, non-bundled dependency during in
 x2goclient    385  Redirect incoming audio stream from TCP to the PA unix doma
 x2goclient    386  Make automatic DPI setting available for all platforms X2Go
 x2goclient    389  Spelling/English language syntax patches to x2goclient
 x2goclient    395  Mac Menu Bar Icon Handles Left Clicks vs Right Clicks Incor
 x2goclient    403  Connection to local desktop freezes
 x2goclient    405  x2goclient pollutes ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
 x2goclient    408  Blank error message for Authentication Failed
 x2goclient    413  [PATCH] Spelling fixes.
 x2goclient    420  Fix password connection with libssh 0.6.0
 x2goclient    421  X2goclient on Windows: sshd.exe does not start.
 x2goclient    422  Windows PulseAudio 3.0 and later fail to start due to missi
 x2goclient    425  High CPU usage for "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation" w
 x2godeskto    281  x2godesktopsharing man page versions are incorrect
 x2godeskto    350  Add --no-icon cmdline option to x2godesktopsharing
 x2golxdebi    277  x2golxdebindings.postrm: line 25: update-icon-caches: comma
 x2goplasma    304  Inconsistent licensing for x2goplasmabindings
 x2goserver     11  Forward USB using USB IP
 x2goserver     28  Xfixes issues with Ubuntu precise and above
 x2goserver     42  GNOME3 desktop (in non-fullscreen mode) does XRandR resizin
 x2goserver     79  x2goruncommand is not "user friendly"
 x2goserver     82  x2gosuspend-session executes with no SESSION_NAME set
 x2goserver     96  X2Go session in fullscreen does not adjust screen resolutio
 x2goserver    102  README.md files for each of the server folders
 x2goserver    117  Make Cinnamon selectable
 x2goserver    161  pulseaudio error messages
 x2goserver    207  X2Go win32 client screen resolution bug
 x2goserver    254  race condition in RPM init script
 x2goserver    256  add consolekit to x2goserver
 x2goserver    257  Make X2Go Server systemd aware
 x2goserver    267  x2golistsessions - import db_changestatus into main namespa
 x2goserver    272  [X2Go-User] Session resume fails with AFS home directories
 x2goserver    279  Add script that provide a list of available desktop session
 x2goserver    286  keyboard layout isn't applied to the session (when starting
 x2goserver    289  Launch (suspended) X2Go sessions without the need of client
 x2goserver    302  No session resume
 x2goserver    309  Make x2goterminate-session / x2gosuspend-session operable a
 x2goserver    323  x2go server refuses client with 'Error: Wrong version or in
 x2goserver    332  handle session suspension/termination via x2gocleansessions
 x2goserver    338  gnome no longer working in Ubuntu 13.10
 x2goserver    353  Subsequent attempts to resume a fullscreen linux session fa
 x2goserver    371  RPM: setgid x2gouser on sqlite3 wrapper script
 x2goserver    372  x2goadmin writes to users homes
 x2goserver    387  use dbus-launch to start recent gnome-terminal applications
 x2goserver    390  Provide meta packages x2goserver-<desktopshell>
 x2goserver    397  Cannot connect when user home folder contains a non-ascii c
 x2goserver    401  Fwd: Unity only black screen after correctly logging in - 1
 x2goserver    406  Can't execute program when using PAM namespace on server
 x2goserver    407  Sometimes mounts will remain, even after a close of the ses
 x2goserver    409  x2goruncommand quoting errors sometimes create file "=" in 
 x2goserver    414  xinitrd.d path wrong in Xsession
 x2goserver    415  Place mounts.log into ~/.x2go/<session> instead of ~
 x2goserver    424  Issue with bug fix #354
 x2goserver    426  "pidof: command not found" when resuming x2go session
 x2goserver    427  "x2gosyslog: No such file or directory" when resuming x2go 
 x2gothincl    250  ultiple xorg.conf's in x2go TCE
 x2gothincl    366  Missing dependency in x2gothinclient package?
 x2gothincl    419  extend /etc/x2go/x2gothinclient_init functionality

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